Socmed blogger reveals real target of “Duque resign” movement of the Opposition camp

WHY DUQUE? This is the question posed by socmed blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes to open her reaction post to the FB post of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu.

According to Chu, the Opposition cannot do to Mark Villar and Art Tugade because both are billionaires who can easily sue their ass – what they ae doing to DOH Sec. Duque when both DPWH and DOTr have been flagged by COA? Chu implied that the Opposition are scared of Villar and Tugade.

Picking up where Krizette Chu left off, Reyes offered her own theory why DOH Sec. Duque is the focal point of the attack of the Opposition, not Villar or the likes of Tugade.

Reyes began by giving netizens an idea who are the Duques in Pangasinan.

Actually, the Duques of Pangasinan are also very rich long before Duterte got elected. Parang tayo lang! Cheret 😜

Joking aside, Reyes argued that the Duques are known wealthy family in Pangasinan. She asked why Duque is the target over the other billionaires?

Seriously, kilala na mga yan sa Pangasinan. Reason why they pick on Duque and not the other billionaires?

Reyes blamed the two factors that she believed makes Duque the low hanging fruit or the easy picking. First, the DOH portfolio is a very sensitive position. Second, Duque’s persona looks weak to the Opposition because of his manner of speaking and demeanor. Due to this factors, the Opposition knew that President Duterte is walking in a tight rope no matter how he deals with Duque.

He’s the DOH Secretary – a very sensitive position at this time of pandemic. Sabayan pa ng napaka-gentle nyang mukha at lumanay magsalita. Kumbaga, the weakest link. The anti-admin elements know very well that it’s detrimental for this admin to keep him after all the propaganda against him. They also know that it’s even more detrimental to replace him at this time. Alam nila yan: Na anuman ang maging response ni PRD will be to the opposition’s advantage.

Reyes extrapolated what the Opposition wants.

Their game plan: Take down Duque to get to Duterte.

Reyes wrapped up the post by calling a spade a spade.

Ganyan sila kawalang konsensya. Kahit sa gitna ng pandemya, sariling agenda ang inuuna. 🙄


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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