Socmed debates who gets credit on Skyway Stage 3, this writer says credit goes to Duterte admin. Read why!

After San Miguel Corp. announced that Skyway Stage 3 is finished, the supporters of PNoy administration wasted no time in grabbing credit for the project.

Leading the pack of PNoy supporter was Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog on Twitter who thanked the taxpayers and former President Noynoy.

However, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu, a known staunch Duterte supporter disagrees with Pinoy Ako Blog and quickly took to Facebook to debunk Pinoy Ako Blog’s tweet.

Chu began by greeting everyone and then immediately changed tone by telling Pinoy Ako Blog and the likes to refrain from being liars. She said PNoy had little to do with Skyway Stage 3.

“Good morning!

“Huwag tayo maging liars. 🙂 Pnoy had very little thing to do sa Skyway Stage 3.

Chu cited two main reasons why rejected the claim by Pinoy Ako Blog that the Skyway Stage 3 should be credited to the PNoy admin.

First, the Skyway projects started a decade before PNoy became President. Chu conceded that Stage 3 of the Skyway started during the PNoy admin but joked that he was still dreaming up the project.

“Una sa lahat: Skyway project started in 1995, so there’s Skyway Stage 1, Stage 2, and then tumama yung Stage 3 sa admin ni Noynoying. In short, dreaming up the project palang, hindi na sya.

Second, Chu accused PNoy of doing nothing on the Skyway Stage 3. She said the Skyway Stage 3 section assumed by the current admin, led by DPWH Sec. Villar, was started in January 2015.

“Pangalawa of all, he didn’t do sh*t. The Skyway Stage 3 section that the current government, led by Sec Villar, was started in January 2015.

Chu remarked that the Skyway Stage 3 was delayed for three years and what makes her mad is that, the supporters of the PNoy admin like PAB had the audacity to claim credit?

“When the Duterte admin took over the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 project — it was already delayed for three years. The project accomplishment was only at 11 percent. 11 percent lang tayo besh, tapos thank you Pnoy?

Chu mentioned about gridlock on the right of way acquisition. In fact, the PNoy admin took care only 5% of the right of way when Duterte admin assumed the project.

“There was a gridlock on the right of way acquisition. Meaning, when the Duterte government took over, 5 percent palang ng RIGHT OF WAY ang nakuha ng very inefficient Aquino admin.

Chu sneered at PNoy admin’s inability even just to acquire the right of way for the entire project.

“Hindi pa nila nakukuha ang RIGHT OF WAY for the entire project. Right of way lang ha, hindi pa nakuha.

Chu added that the entire section 2 was re-aligned because they found out the design was not feasible.

“Tapos ni re align ang buong Section 2 because they found out hindi feasible. E di inulit.

Chu further explained what she was talking about – which required a revision of the original alignment.

“The section that Sec Villar’s DSWD is opening now started in Jan. 2015. But they had to revise the original alignment. The prior alignment was not feasible for implementation. Now, it’s passing through San Juan river.

In other words, Chu cannot see the point why thank Aquino for Skyway Stage 3 project when he was the reason why it was delayed for 3 years?

“In short, why thank Aquino for a delay that cost the government and taxpayers huuuge money for 3 years, for right of way na 5 percent, for 11 percent total project completion but ni realign at ginawa ulit din yung Section 2 kasi hindi feasible?

Chu used the example of crediting a makeup artist who dabbed one spot of concealer on a famous celeb, when another makeup artist finished the job, even redone it because the previous one bungled the job.

“I mean, ganito: It’s like crediting the makeup artist for dabbing one spot of concealer on Beyoncé’s face, which Beyoncé had to erase and redo herself because that makeup artist put in the wrong tone. I mean, duh.

Chu went on to use one of the pet lines of the critics to poke fun at them.

“Panahon ng pandemya, credit grabbing? Dapat ibili nalang ng bigas.

Chu ended the FB post with another sarcastic claim.

“Wag kayong ano, ako yung foreman ng Skyway project na ito.

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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