Socmed influencer doubts sincerity of Yorme Isko Moreno after he says he will welcome criticisms if he becomes president

Social media influencer and known Duterte supporter has taken to Facebook questioning sincerity of Yorme Isko Moreno’s statement that he will be a healing president and will welcome criticisms.

MJ Quiambao Reyes began by sharing the exact statement of Yorme Isko assuring everyone that he will welcome criticism because he understands the value of listening to complaints for better policies and improved services.


“I will welcome criticism, because the value in listening to complaints is that they lead you to better policies and improved services.”

On that note, Reyes asked netizens who was the Mayor who had tantrums after President Duterte called him out for lack of a good system in his city with regards to the vaccination and the because of the viral photo of his constituents wading in flooded street to get their vax jabs?

Wait, sino na nga yung nag alburoto at tinira tira ang gobyerno matapos masita ng Pangulo ang kawalan ng sistema at pagkakababad sa ulan at baha ng mga nais magpabakuna? 🤭🤥

Reyes’ FB post has generated 4,900 reactions, 374 comments and 209 shares in 22 hours and counting.

Let us head to the comment section and read the netizens reaction.

He will welcome criticisms so long as they are not directed at him. Iyon (to use a favorite expression of Leni) ang ibig sabihin ni Isko (munista), one netizen said in jest.

Gusto nya siya lang ang mag criticize, said another netizen.

Welcome daw sa criticisms…my foot!! Eh BilisIsko ka magreact pag nabanatan ka pangkanto pa mga salita mo! Wag kami!! chime din another.

Sick and tired of dumb politicians like Isko. Don’t even wanna waste my time with this little puppet. This guy is nothing but a clown and his followers are just a bunch of arrogant lunatics, commented another.

This netizen recalled a Yorme critic who was arrested for cursing him.

Pinick up din ng Manila police ang Taga Baguio na Vlogger na pinagmumura si Yorme . Ayan po ang nagwewelcome ng criticism haha Galawan ni Pacquiao same lang walang matinong pananalita at paninindigan.

welcome criticism pero naka block ako sa fb niya. pag sure diha isko oi. hahahaha wrote another netizen.

This netizen theorized why Yorme welcomes criticism. He will welcome criticism because he has no concrete plans its where he gets idea on how to lead.

This netizen isn’t convinced Yorme Isko can even top President Duterte’s attitude towards criticism whom he said did not react no matter what his critics threw at him.

singaw sa ilong..🤣🤣🤣..ang tunay na “welcome criticism”nakita na namin yan kay digong, kahit anung ibato niyo deadma lang, humanda lang din kayo dahil isang murahan lang kayo guho mundo niyong mga talangka.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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