Socmed influencer Jun Abines unmasks Raffy Tulfo in Action in viral FB post


This is the question Cebu-based socmed opinion writer Jun Abines wants to answer in his latest trending FB post.

Abines conceded the fact that Raffy Tulfo is famous because of this program whose topics sell like hotcakes to his followers.

Raffy Tulfo in Action is famous no doubt. Most of his topics are trending and enjoys millions of views.

But a comment from a Jun Abines’ friend in his previous FB post about his personal experience with Raffy Tulfo in Action inspired him to write an FB post to unmask the truth about the popular multimedia personality.

But a friend of mine Datu Lasuy Puti commented in my previous post that Raffy Tulfo does not really help people for the sake of helping. In fact, 99.9 % of those who come to seek assistance in their office are rejected or referred to government services.

Abines said that people from as far as Visayas and Mindanao traveled to Manila, spent what little money they had, waited in line for hours under the scorching heat only to be entertained for a few minutes and immediately rejected.

Rejection happens after these unfortunate people take a long line and wait for many hours under the scorching heat of the sun. Many of them came as far as Visayas & Mindanao with high hopes. They spent scarce money and untold effort only to be entertained for few minutes and immediately rejected.

Abines revealed Raffy Tulfo in Action’s criteria in determining whether your story is worthy to be heard or watched by his millions of followers or not.

The truth of the matter is that, Raffy Tulfo in Action only selects exceptional cases that are already trending in social media. They prefer scandalous, ridiculous and outrageous cases that assures surefire entertainment. When Raffy smells blood on a certain case, he will spend money on it knowing he can get better returns in terms of viewership.

Abines spelled out what Raffy Tulfo in Action is really all about — entertainment + revenue from ads and sponsorship equals money, money, money.

Raffy Tulfo in Actions is not an advocate of justice & fairness. It’s ultimate goal is to sensationalize a conflict between parties and maximize viewership. All for revenue from ads and sponsorship. Entertainment is the primary goal, case resolution is secondary.

Abines conceded that Raffy’s program have had helped thousands of people but on one hand, the program also left tens of thousands of Filipinos rejected because their stories are not sad or sensational enough. Not to mention the thousands of lives it ruined for their recklessness and disrespect of privacy.

Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who were helped by Raffy’s program. But there are tens of thousands out there whom they failed after they come to their office to seek refuge. There are thousands of people out there whose lives were ruined by the program for their recklessness and disrespect of privacy.

Abines lamented that success and wealth has turned him into super-arrogant and disrespectful host. His motto is to take full credit when he resolved a case and blame the government when he didn’t.

Worse, Raffy’s success have made him super-arrogant and disrespectful. He treats many government officials as his subordinates during live phone calls. When a case is solved by the governent officer, Raffy Tulfo takes full credit. If not, Raffy blames the officer and the government for incompetence. Either way, Raffy always emerge as the hero!

Abines said that Raffy Tulfo in Action may have given millions to many Filipinos but in exchange, he earned ten times more than he has given.

Raffy Tulfo in Action may have given millions of pesos to many. But they earned tens of millions of pesos that fattens their pockets and bank accounts. All in exchange of exploiting the misfortune of others.

Some netizens offered their sad personal experience with Raffy Tulfo in Action, strengthening the claim of Jun Abines’ friend in the comment section of the thread.

Tama nga siguro na yung mga tinutulungan lang ng #raffytulfoinaction ay yung sa alam nila na mag trending para malaki ang kita sa bawat videoKasi tagal ko na humuhingi ng tulong jan sa RTIA sabi lang na,aaksiyonan sa madaling panahon lumipas na ang taon hanggang ngayun wala parin

Totoo tlga Yan , Kasi alam ko meron ako kakilala pumunta sa tanggapan ni Raffy Tulfo asking for a help dahil namatay Yung seaman na Asawa nya at prng may foulplay Yung pagkamatay somewhere in Africa. Gusto Sana humingi Ng tulong, pero Anong ginawa ng staff ni Raffy, pinag hintay cla tapos yon pla d cla inaasikaso at wla napapala. Biruin mo nag byahe pa cla, tapos ganun lng pala.Pinipili lng nila tlga.Kawawa namn nagamit pa pagkaperahan yung mga taong wlang ka alam alam na nagamit na pla cla…magaling mag aangas angasan Yan c Tulfo, commented another netizen.


Source: Jun Abines

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