Socmed influencer shows how Leni Robredo accidentally exposes Ping Lacson’s cunning plan to become Opposition’s standard bearer

“This explains bakit masigasig sa pag-boost (paid fb posts) si Mang Ping 😆🤭

This is the aha moment of staunch Duterte supporter, socmed influencer and international commodities trader MJ Quiambao Reyes in light of Leni Robredos’ admission what transpired between their talks with Sen. Ping Lacson how the Opposition camp finds their standard bearer in the 2022 presidential election.


According to Robredo, all Opposition presidential wannabes will their COC with the agreement that at a certain period of time before the election, whoever is the strongest among them in the survey, that is the Opposition’s standard bearer and everyone will withdraw their candidacy. In other words, they will support the best contender based on numbers.

As of this writing, Reyes’ post has generated 1,192 reactions, 142 comments and 92 shares in 16 hours and counting.

Netizens quickly dived into the comment section to share their thoughts on the theory that there is a direct relationship between the increase of paid and boosted ads of Ping Lacson in Google, Facebook, mainstream media and what not and the proposal that the Opposition’s standard bearer is chosen who tops the survey before the election. Worth noting that it was Lacson who made such brilliant proposal.

“How can you trust someone with a shady past (or is it up to the present) with no solid background as an executive? Someone who threw plenty of accusations (gossip) that led to nowhere?” asked a bewildered netizen.

“Malinaw na hindi talaga kapakanan ng bansa ang hangad nitong mga salot na oposisyon kundi makapwesto lang sa kapangyarihan. Kaawa awang Pinas kahit sino man sa mga salot na yan ang manalo at panigurado dusa na naman ang aabutin natin gaya ng panahon ni Propeta Panot,” commented another netizen.

Another irate netizen commented: “Tangina tinatarantado talaga nila ang mga kababayan natin. Kawawa talaga ang bayan nating Pilipinas sa mga ganid at mga dupang sa kapangyarihan para sa kanilang interest lamang. Mga hindo# at gago ang mga ganitong tao.”

This netizen offered a disheartening news to Lacson regarding his sponsored post or ads in various online platforms.

“lacson expecting more people reading his fb post equivalent to more people voting for him…but i think more people getting bored to his propaganda. DDS social media started only when Duterte becomes President but to support and to believe in him. Mas lalong dumami ang suporter ni PRRD until now.”

Kala kasi ni Mang Ping uto uto PA rin ang mga Pinoy at bilib sa mga tikas na dating Pwe!Hindi ko sayangin ang boto ko sa kanya 😱” added another netizen.


Source: MJ Quiamabo Reyes

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