Socmed influencer tells VP Leni Robredo to gather enough evidence vs Pharmally instead of talking to the press

On Vice President Leni Robredo complaining that Pharmally’s contract was 9 times more than the OVP budget, a visibly pissed MJ Quiambao Reyes took to social media to appeal to the Vice President to stop the press releases and just file a case against Pharmally if indeed the contract in the purchase of medical supplies was anomalous.

On Facebook, Reyes wrote:

Mrs. Robredo, please do me and this country a favor. Instead of all these press releases, why not just gather enough evidence at kasuhan nyo ang lahat ng dapat kasuhan kung totoong may naganap na overpricing o korapsyon. Pasalamatan pa kayo ng taumbayan.

Reyes went on to give the Vice President reasons why filing a case, if indeed there are enough evidence of anomaly in the transaction between Pharmally and the government are better than talking to the press.

Talk is cheap. Do something more concrete. Unlike us ordinary citizens, you are very much part of this gov’t plus you have “lawyers for leni” and some former justices to assist you.

Netizens who read MJ Reyes post agreed with the socmed influencer as shown in their comments below.

If there are real evidences, these should be brought to the proper courts, not the court of public opinion. And since all she does are these press conferences and releases, then this means there are really no evidence available, wrote one netizen.

Another netizen pointed out that comparing the Pharmally contract to her budget is like comparing oranges to apples.

Comparing ur budget to d allocation for d pandemic response are 2 diff things, ur ofc knows what u need for d year but d pandemic supplies cannot be projected plus a regular report as mentioned are submitted to d senate! 2 things prove there is corruption and most likely u get a chance to win in 2022, but to just point fingers without proof will definitely put u in d INIDORO again! For me personally d budget given to ur ofc from d start up until ur term ends is the one totally wasted!

Meanwhile, this netizen wants the OVP investigated rather than the purchase of medical supplies of the government from Pharmally.

She’s not really after government funds that were allegedly stolen because of this deal with Pharmally. Ang inirereklamo ng FVP eh malaki daw ng siyam na beses ang Pharmally contract kaysa sa budget ng opisina nya! Given that her office basically does nothing, ‘yung opisina nya dapat ang imbestigahan for unnecessary expenses! 😆🤣😆

At least ang Pharmally delivered what was expected of them. Kayo OVP useless and utter waste of government resources for the past 5 years 😡👊🏼🇵🇭 commented another.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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