Son of a senator draws flak from netizens for flaunting expensive Limited Edition Nike Mag 10

A viral photo of the son of the Presidential aspirant flaunting an expensive shoe that costs an arm and a leg stirred an uproar online recently.

2011 Limited Edition Nike Mag 10 Back to the Future II Marty McFly 2015

Most expensive nike air max?

The innocent-looking photo shared by the one and only son of Senator Grace Poe has attracted criticisms from the bashers of the independent Presidential candidate for the ostentatious display of wealth.

For the ‘masa’ crowd, the photo looks ordinary, but netizens who are fashion-conscious quickly noticed that the shoe worn by the son of Senator Grace Poe is no ordinary.

One netizen quickly posted a photo comment to share the details about the controversial shoe.

Turned out the shoe is a 2011 Limited Edition Nike Mag 10 Back to the Future II Marty McFly 2015.

What makes it special? Based on the price posted on eBay, the hotly debated shoe costs just around $19,000 dollars.

More or less, the shoe costs P839,000 pesos if converted to Philippine peso based on the $1:47 peso exchange rate.

The photo controversy did not escape the attention of Senator Grace Poe and as a mother, she quickly issued an appeal to the public to spare her son from politics.

According to Senator Grace Poe, she asked her son about it when the controversial photo surfaced on Instagram and stirred an uproar a month ago.

The senator told the PDI reporter that her son showed her how much the price of the controversial shoe is.

The senator reminded the reporters that her son can afford to buy the shoe since his son was a neophyte reporter from one of the TV stations in the country.

Kung naaalala n’yo, ang aking anak e nagtrabaho rin. Kaya lang kinailangan n’yang-mag leave dahil nga kailangan ma-maintain ng network na ‘yun ‘yung objectivity. (If you remember, my son was already working. Unfortunately, he was forced to take a leave since his mother network hopes to maintain the objectivity.

The senator told the press that she taught her children to save money, but cognizant of the fact that her son could do whatever he wants with his money.

Sapatos pa lang halos isang milyon na tapos sabi ni Grace Poe wala silang pera? So anu yun, paawa effect lang para masabing maka-masa? Paano pa kaya kapag presidente na, gintong sapatos ba?

Posted by Ayaw Ko Poe on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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