Sorry to say – huli na ang lahat Isko! —Davaoeno to Isko Moreno who is hoping President Duterte will vote for him in 2022 election

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is a maxim alien to Isko Moreno.

In 2016, Isko lost his senatorial bid but a year later, President Duterte appointed Isko to a government position. He resigned and again, President Duterte gave him another job.

Isko’s last appointment was undersecretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Isko made the most from his appointment as Undersecretary of DSWD and used it as a springboard to launch his candidacy for the post of Mayor of the City of Manila and challenged the incumbent Mayor Joseph Erap Estrada Ejercito.

Although, PRRD did not endorse Isko for Manila Mayor in the 2019 election but former Manila Mayor Lim, Isko managed to win over Erap in a very close fight.

When Isko became Mayor of Manila, he patterned himself after President Duterte by acting and talking tough while overseeing the Manila cleanup drive, thus earning President Duterte’s praise in one of his SONA (State of the Nation Address). [Link here]

Isko returned the favor by saying in public that President Duterte is his inspiration. [Link here]

But ambition got the better of Isko and miscalculated big time by thinking that attacking Sara Duterte and then President Duterte, particularly his handling of the pandemic, will ingratiate him to the public and earn him pogi points and eventually, he can translate the pogi points as votes come election day.

Turned out, the public did not believe the Duterte administration mishandled the pandemic but only the noisy few on Twitter and Facebook.

After the series of attacks against the Duterte administration, Isko’s popularity plummeted further.

However, one political blogger pointed out that Isko’s popularity started spiraling down when he instructed his people to removed anti-NPA tarpaulins which appeared in his city out of nowhere and even made public statements saying he was banning it.

Perhaps realizing his folly, Isko is now singing a different tune, saying positive remarks at President Duterte, hoping and wishing he will get President Duterte’s endorsement for his presidential bid.

Will Isko earn President Duterte’s nod for President?

Hell no, says Davaoeno and political blogger named Raymond Satnamul in a Facebook post entitled, “TOO LATE THE HERO”.

You may now read Raymond Satnamul’s emphatic NO why Isko’s wish of getting President Duterte’s endorsement is just wishful thinking.

Pagkatapos ni Pacman, eto na naman ang batang Tondo umaasa sa endorsement ng Pangulo…pero sorry to say – huli na ang lahat Isko!

In an interview with media yesterday, Manila Mayor and presidential aspirant Isko Moreno reacted to the recent formal withdrawal of Senator Christopher Bong Go from the 2022 presidential race :

“Again, life must go on. We must continue to work hand in hand with the President because he will be President up to June 30. There are policies and programs na pwede naming mapagtulungan,” Moreno said.

Let me give you a piece of advice, Yorme! You should have done that a long time ago. Pero ano ang ginawa mo? Binatikos mo at hinamon mo pa ng suntukan ang mga opisyales ng gobierno pati na ang Pangulo. Do you think the President will ever forget that?

You’re like the boy who cried, wolf, wolf! Nobody will believe you! It’s too late Isko! ‘Coz you’re about to meet your Waterloo!



Source: Raymond Satnamul

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