Spoiler alert: Jay Sonza’s FB post reveals Leni Robredo’s new strategies to save sagging image in time for 2022

The ever opinionated retired broadcaster Jay Sonza couldn’t help but noticed what he called newest strategies or gimmicks undertaken and will take to save Leni Robredo’s sagging image just in time for 2022.

On Facebook dated 14 October 2022, Sonza wrote: “In order to improve the sagging image of leni robredo in time for 2022, the following strategies (gimmicks) are undertaken.

Sonza went on to cite 5 strategies or gimmicks the Robredo camp have come up so far at their disposal.

Note. One or more strategies have been put in play as of this writing.

Sonza wrote that Robredo will issue a statement that she is praying for the health of President Duterte, which he said is designed to court the votes of some Duterte followers. Sonza was right.

1. Pray for the health of Pres. Duterte to get the nod of some duterte followers.

Strategy number 2, according to Sonza is Leni Robredo getting an invite to ribbon cutting ceremonies of legacy projects of Duterte admin. This is unlikely because Robredo is even snubbed from Cabinet meetings.

2. Get invited to openings of build build build projects or portions of legacy projects of the administration.

Strategy number 3 has been Robredo’s staple. Just yesterday, Robredo’s camp issued a statement saying the Opposition supports Velasco as the new House Speaker.

3. Grab every opportunity to ride on popular issues such as the Velasco assumption as Speaker of the House.

Strategies 4 & 5 has yet to happen. Strategy #4 is unlikely. As the saying goes, “you can’t teach old dog with new tricks” also applies to Robredo. However, based on Robredo’s latest statement when asked about her plan for 2022, it appears that she just did the trick.

4. Avoid using the phrase “iyon” and “iyong, iyong,” (iyo”t-iyon is the correct Tagalog phrase). Develop the Imeldific phrase “dahil sa iyo,” or “para sa ‘yo” to attract the Warays and Ilocanos, as well as the legion of Pacman’s fan base.

Strategy #5 is very likely. Grace Poe and Mar Roxas used this gimmick in the past.

5. Bukas-makalawa, sasakay siya MRT na bumilis ang takbo ng 40-60 kph, Mag road trip sa Skyway stage 3 MIA to QC in 20-30 minutes, Magba-Baguio via TPLEX to check the reduced travel time of 3 hours only, at magjo-jogging siya sa bagong Sorsogon coastal road na may baywalk lane.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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