Spox of VP Inday Sara Duterte responds to critics, including Mon Tulfo, who says getting a new office of the Vice President is “LUHO”?

VP Inday Sara Duterte and concurrent DepEd Secretary’s decision to move to a new office in Mandaluyong rather than stay in Quezon City where her predecessor Leni Robredo used to hold office has been heavily criticized by critics, particularly from the camp of the supporters of Leni Robredo on Twitter and Facebook.

Atty. Reynaldo Munsayac, spokesman of the Office of the Vice President, took to Facebook and posted a 70-second video to respond to the noise on social media that VP Inday Sara moved to a new office because of “luho”.

According to Atty. Munsayac, the decision to get a new office for the Vice President is not because of “luho” as alleged by VP Sara’s critics but to make the Office of Vice President runs efficiently, you know like a well-oiled machine.

Why? Unbeknownst to many FIliponos, the previous OVP held two offices in Quezon City, one in New Manila and the other one in Ben-Lor Building, Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City where majority of the OVP staffs reported for work.

During an ocular inspection, they also found out that the office in Ben-lor Building in Quezon Ave was cramped and some of the staffs even shared a table to do their work. This setup was found to be inefficient by the incumbent OVP.

To address the problem of inefficiency, the incumbent VP decided to put all the staffs of OVP and of course the OVP staffs as concurrent DepEd Secretary under one roof, so that documents need not travel from point A to B to reach her table or papers that needs VP’s signature will be acted upon asap, hence the decision to move to Mandaluyong was made.

The Spokesman of the OVP also dismissed claims of Mon Tulfo’s source that the office of ex-VP Leni Robredo in Quezon City was rent-free as false.


Source: Atty. Reynold Munsayac

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