Star power vs political machinery of local leaders? Jay Sonza wants netizens to guess who they think will deliver the votes for Leni vs BBM

The 2022 presidential election, if retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is correct, is not only a battle between BBM vs Leni but also a battle of endorsers.

In a Facebook post entitled “ENDORSEMENTS”, Sonza made a list who are the people/groups/celebs supporting Leni Robredo’s presidential bid versus BBM.

If you take a closer look, Leni’s endorsers are big names in local showbiz industry while BBM are local political leaders in the country.

If I may add, whoever wins in the 2022 presidential election will determine the fate of the endorsers. If Leni wins, it’s also a win for her celeb endorsers because it means they can make or break a candidate. Product endorsements and projects are not far behind because they can use Leni’s victory as proof of their drawing power. Otherwise, they will lose face and potentially endorsement deals in the next election because their collective star power are no match to the political machinery of local leaders.

If BBM wins, the Liberal Party will definitely go back to the drawing board to reassess their campaign strategies in the future like making a decision whether to continue having celebrities as endorsers or not.

Worth pointing out that while Leni has celebrity endorsers, BBM has also celebrity endorsers but not as many as Leni. In addition, Leni also has the support of local politicians but not as many as BBM.

As of this writing, Sonza’s post has gone viral, generating 23,800+ reactions, 1,700 comments and 2,300 shares in more than 24 hours and counting.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.

One netizen commented that Sonza’s post is incomplete so he suggested additional information to Leni’s list of endorsers.

Kulang Yan.. sir jay.. Leni endorsed by angel.. pia.. Catriona.. Andrea brillantes .. Kris bernal.. piolo p.. glaiza de Castro.. Jane de Leon.. Janine Gutierrez.. robi Domingo.. dong-yan.. Rica peralejo.. edu.. cherry pie.. pokwang.. melai.. Sharon.. Kris a.. izza calzado.. heart evangelista.. vice Ganda.. Kim chui.. true faith.. Ely buendia.. John arcilla…Ben and Ben.While on the other side #BBMSARA2022 is supported/endorsed by ordinary Filipinos and majority of ofws whose only weapons against these famous and influential stars are their precious VOTES..

A Robredo supporter did not like Sonza omitting some important information with regards to the kind of people endorsing Leni and BBM.

You can compare all you want. But you cannot deny that Leni Robredo is endorsed by the Filipino people in all walks of life (educators, lawyers, artists, farmers, fishermen to name a few). While your idol is endorsed by corrupt politicians who had records of stealing from country’s funds (Estrada, Revilla, Imelda, Enrile to name a few). #LetLeniLead#LeniRobredo#LeniKiko2022#IpanaloNa10to🇵🇭🌷♥️🧡💛💜💙💚

You may now read Sonza’s FB post below.

Leni endorsed by Vice Ganda
BBM endorsed by League of Municipalities of the Philippines (Mayors League of the Philippines)

Leni endorsed by former Aquino cabinet secretaries
BBM endorse by League of Provinces of the Philippines (Governors League of the Philippines)

Leni endorsed by Kim Chiu
BBM endorsed by One Cebu, One Province, One Island (The richest voting area in the Philippines).

Leni endorsed by Kris Aquino
BBM endorsed by all Mindanao Bangsamoro leaders (governors, mayors, congressmen, board members, councilors & barangay leaders)


Source: Jay Sonza

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