State U in Visayas cries foul over ABS-CBN’s misleading headline, demands news network to correct error promptly!

ABS-CBN is in hot water once again after a state University in the Visayas has cried foul over an article headline that “makes it easy for readers to misinterpret it as ex-officials of their school.”

The latest controversy stemmed from an ABS-CBN News article published today, February 19, 2019 with the headline, “COA orders 5 ex-Visayas state university officials to refund US trip expenses.”

Whether ABS-CBN’s inaccurate headline was deliberate or not, the Facebook page, Visayas State University demanded the news network to correct their headline promptly.

The FB post opened with a clarifying statement, telling the public that the school referred to in the ABS-CBN article was not VSU (Visayas State University) but Eastern Visayas State University, a totally different entity from the former.

The post lamented that the headline of the article was structured in such a way that readers may interpret as ex-officials of the Visayas State University.

The post said that it understands school names can be be mouthful, while headlines may be generalized to be understandable and begs not at the expense of their university’s name.

You may read the full post below.


Today, ABS-CBN News published this news article about COA ordering five former officials of a state university in Visayas to return money they spent on a foreign travel.

The way the headline was structured makes it easy for readers to misinterpret it as ex-officials of Visayas State University.

We wish to clarify that the article pertains to Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) in Tacloban City, not VSU.

We understand school names can be a mouthful, while headlines may be generalized to be understandable. But please not at the expense of our university’s name.

The VSU administration requests that you correct the headline promptly.

ABS-CBN’s faux pas quickly elicited negative comments against the giant news network.

Ren Abenoja as always nlng ABS CBN fake news dzzzuuhhh

L’s Spasibo Erroneous news. Eastern visayas state university is different from visayas state university

Luz O. Moreno Irresponsible journalism…they should correct their headline…

Netizen Mac Guanco wants a harsher punishment for ABS-CBN.

Kaya dapat na talaga epa cancel ang ABs cbn, irresponsible journa sila damo kdamay sa kabobohang pag babalita. YES TO CLOSE ABS CBN BIAS NETWORK!!! Susnod na yan sa RAPELLER!

Jose Wayne Lawas Formalize your grievance to ABSCBN give them 24 hours to rectify, otherwise file a complaint in court…

In fairness to ABS-CBN, they quickly acted upon the request of the admin of the Visayas State University FB page and took appropriate action.

Netizen Ariel Sarno Dayap thanked ABS-CBN for the heads up.

Thanks to ABS-CBN News for changing the headline.
It’s easy for some people to misinterpret it without basing on proper and common nouns and this triggered issues as netizens associate it to VSU.
They should either directly mention the university involved (just like GMA News) or rephrase it if they want to be generic.
Consider this as resolved.
#Viscan here.

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