Mar is bayot! –Stinging response to Mar Roxas’s quip that Duterte’s promise of ending crime is “pambobola”

A post chastising Mar Roxas for quipping that Mayor Duterte’s promise of ending crime in 6 months has been doing the rounds online.

Duterte ally calls Mar bayot

Credits to Jim Guiao Punzalan

In a Facebook post published recently by Mayor Duterte’s social media manager Peter Tiu Lavina, the Duterte ally chastised Mar Roxas for calling Duterte’s bold action plan to confront the rising drugs, crime, corruption in our country abetted by the negligence of this administration.

The Duterte ally expresses his take on the Mar Roxas’s quip of ‘pambobola’ as jealousy from someone who has done nothing to fight crime when Roxas was being paid by taxpayers to be Interior Secretary.

In addition, Mr. Lavina continued his tongue lashing of Mar Roxas:

Fighting crime is no joke like a wimp that he is that he was not in the loop about inner plottings to get Marwan. No less than Noynoy has no trust in involving him in the operation to target the top terrorist suspect in the country. Because someone eating rice in a tumbler and drinking water in a plate is a joke!

Mr. Lavina recalled how Mayor Duterte responded to Mar Roxas’s potshots in the past with the remark:

Mar is bayot!

The Duterte ally offered an explanation on the Cebuano word “bayot” so as to avoid offending the LGBT community and wrote:

The use of this term has nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation. This is commonly used, a lingua franca, to describe a person who is a weakling, no spine, a defeatist, a wimp

Rubbing more insult to the injury, the Duterte ally dismissed Mar Roxas as a non-factor in the May election and said,

Now, let’s forget about Mar, let’s move on in unmasking Grace!

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