Stubborn owner of lost iPhone tracks down guy who took it with simple Facebook trick

A lost iPhone, a criminology student & a stubborn phone owner who refuses to give up without a fight are the elements that makes a Facebook post goes viral.

Kate Apolinario took to Facebook to get even with a guy who recovered her branded phone, who pretended to be nice by offering to return it by arranging a meet-up. But in the end, he decided to keep it for himself as his Christmas present.

According to Kate Apolinario, she rode a jeep bound for Tropical on December 23, 2016 at around 11 P.M., not knowing she dropped her iPhone while disembarking from the jeepney.

She proceeded to Marikina as planned, but when she decided to go home, that’s when she realized she lost her iPhone.

Kate said she hurried home, dialled up her iPhone number as soon as she arrived home. Heard the phone ring, but no one picked up the phone.

A short while later, Kate said she received a text from her girlfriend saying that an unknown number texted her, claiming he recovered the phone in the jeepney.

The texter from an unknown number, the guy claiming to have recovered Kate’s iPhone,  appeared to be friendly, gave a scant information about his identity and showed willingness to arrange a meet-up to return the phone. But here’s the catch: he asked for the iPhone’s passcode to know she was the legit owner.  The iPhone owner told her girlfriend to text Eric,telling him to forget about the passcode and she will have it fixed, after sensing he did try to unlock the phone unsuccessfully.

They agreed to meet at the Cainta ICCT campus, a tertiary school based in Rizal the following day, 9 AM.



According to Kate, she tried contacting the phone number that texted her girlfriend but got no response.  Tried contacting her iPhone number, but found out it was dead.

At this juncture, Kate said she felt uneasy, but decided to wait for an hour at the Tropical, then proceeded to Cainta campus, to check if there are still students in the campus but found only the school’s security guards.

Dead tired, they decided to go home.

At around 11 A.M., Eric texted her using a different number, associated with the Facebook account of Eric Oliva Borromeo. Please refer to the first image above.


Eric texted Kate informing her he ran out of load, went to Cainta ICCT with his friends to meet up with them, but his friends prevailed over him not to return the phone.  According to Kate’s narration, Eric had the audacity to ask the Apple ID of her iPhone, pretending to have it fixed.  But since Kate had it figured out, she ignored the request.

Kate said she tried calling and texting Eric several times, but got no response. At this point, Kate decided to report the matter to the police, but went home empty handed.

Mad, Kate ended her post by giving Eric, the guy who recovered her iPhone, a few words of advice that reads:

Ser, sa susunod kung magnanakaw ka, husayan mo at wag tanga-tanga.

Below are the screenshots of the conversation between Kate and Eric.





Kate Apolinario discovered the identity of the guy who recovered her phone with the help of Facebook.

Another piece of evidence that nailed the guy, says Kate Apolinario.

The Facebook post of Kate Apolinario has taken the internet by storm and has generated more than 6,000 shares on Facebook, less than 24 hours after she published it.

Kate Apolinario’s story has galvanized the netizens to help her recover the lost iPhone.

In the Facebook thread, someone posted the complete address of Eric Borromeo to help Kate recover her phone.

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