“Stupid Kiko Pangilinan! No double taxation in Federalism” — Orion Perez, Federalism advocate

Recently, fear-mongering Senator Kiko Pangilinan has been quoted talking to reporters that in the event the country shifted to federalism, people can expect higher taxes and debts when the country move to Federalism.

Singapore-based OFW and CoRRECT Movement co-founder Orion Perez called Pangilinan “stupid” and “moron” following the senator’s remark.

Perez went on to gran the opportunity to school the senator about taxation in a federal form of government by citing the case of Switzerland and Malaysia.

Perez also draw a comparison between Australia and the United States of America, the former adopting a Federal parliamentary form of government while the latter adopting the Presidential System.

Check out the full text of Perez’s post below.

Stupid Kiko Pangilinan!!

If what you said were true that Federalism necessarily means higher taxes and more debt, then WHY IS IT, Mr. Cuneta, that Federalist Switzerland generally has LOWER TAXES than Unitarist Sweden?

Why is it that for the longest time, the Unitarist Philippines has had HIGHER TAXES than Federalist Malaysia???

JEEZ you are really a freakin’ MORON, Kiko Matsing!

You continue on with this FALSE NARRATIVE that “Federalism means double taxation”, don’t you?

Well, allow me to SCHOOL YOU, boy…


Instead, there is SPLIT TAXATION.

So, for instance, for the sake of argument, if a country that is UNITARY imposes a 20% income tax rate on all its citizens who are gainfully employed, and then that country suddenly goes FEDERAL, they will not suddenly have 40% income taxes in total, representing 20% federal-national income tax and 20% regional income tax, but instead, the country will SPLIT the original 20% into 10% federal-national income tax and 10% regional income tax.


Or perhaps during the federalization process, the country’s leaders may decide to split it as 15% regional income tax and 5% federal-national income tax.

The point is that the overall income tax burden to the citizen who was originally taxed 20% income tax WILL CONTINUE TO BE 20% overall income tax!

Are you really that dense?

Is this inability to understand simple concepts part of the reason that your Megastar wife prefers to hobnob with the Duterte Administration and not be politically-identified with you and your party???

By the way, I haven’t forgotten how, back in 2010, you idiotically insisted that Australia was contemplating a move to the Presidential System.

TOTAL HOGWASH, Kiko Matsing!

There is hardly any clamor to shift away from Australia’s Wesminster-derived Parliamentary System towards a US-style Presidential System since most Australians are well aware of just how LOUSY and dysfunctional the US Presidential System is.

There is, however, a movement that aims to move Australia away from being a Constitutional Monarchy with the British Monarch as the symbolic head of state, represented in Australia by a Governor-General, towards becoming a REPUBLIC in which the Constitutional Monarchy will be abolished and the Governor-General will be converted into a PURELY CEREMONIAL PRESIDENT.


Was this the “reform movement” you thought wanted to shift Australia to have a “Presidential System”, huh, boy?

JEEZ, you are really so weak-minded, Kiko.

I can’t wait to face-off against YOU, Richard Foronda Heydarian, Mel Sta Maria, Neri Colmenares, Christian & Winnie Monsod, Erin TaƱada, Joey Lina, Lolo Jun Davide, and all other anti-Federalism/anti-Constitutional Reform fools AND SCHOOL YOU ALL, just like how I schooled Erin and Neri in two separate instances. (Parang binaliktad lang ang mga pangalan ng dalawa)

Magsama-sama kayo lahat sa isang team versus MYSELF ALONE. Pagtulungan niyo ako, TALO PA RIN KAYO!!!

Tara na!

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