Suggestion to appoint Leah, Raissa, Jim, Erik Matti and UP students as peace negotiators to end Marawi crisis gains momentum

Whether Duterte will take the netizen’s recommendation seriously of naming the likes of Leah and Jim to important mission remains a question mark.

However,this did not deter Mike Acebedo Lopez to make his recommendation known to the public and hopefully get the attention of Duterte, even if it may sound absurd to many people.

Anyway for the fun of it, Lopez asks Duterte to name Leah Navarro, Jim Paredes, Erik Matti, Raissa Robles and the UP protesters into the panel to talk peace with the terrorists.

And if the interest generated by Mike Acebedo Lopez’s is an indication the social media are behind it, then by all means the President should give this a serious look.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 555 shares, 3,098 reactions and 262 comments on Facebook.

Read the full text below…

They want peace talks with the terrorists, right? Please appoint Leah, Raissa, Jim, Erik Matti, UP rallyists, other Yellow/LP/anti-Duterte/anti-Martial Law in Mindanao folk into a panel for peace talks with terrorists. This way we give them an opportunity to actually serve, to be our first line of defense, to have them put their money (and lives) where their mouths are.

After all, they are perfect people who seem to have all the solutions (secret solutions) to the problem in Marawi and the rest of Mindanao, so they are the best candidates for membership in the peace process panel (but only for dealing with terrorists).

So sign those appointment papers and send them to Marawi, stat!

If they succeed, great, there’s peace in Mindanao. If they don’t, well, at the very least we’re over and done with these noisy hypocrites. And they die “heroes.” Not like the feeling heroes they are now. Still almost win-win.

Game? Ship ’em out!

Let us read a sampling of the comments to check the opinion of social media in regards to Lopez’s sarcastic post.

Netizen Jenette Sedillo commented: “Oo nga nman bakit hindi sila ang isugo s marawi, total sila yung magaganda ang suhistyon at magagaling. Sila na… Pagbigyan n ang mga yan para magsipagtahimik at makita ntin ang galing nila hindi puro dada n lng…”

Ravkimashwinjazjann Acebedo remarked: “i agree! go! lets see wats their mouth and mind can do….
bka skali cla ang solusyon…”

Robina Iggua wrote: “Im sure wla ng magmamagaling magsalita kung wla rin lang nman sa gawa na akala mas magaling sila sa pangulo”

Your thoughts please!


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