Super fan dedicates very moving poem to Lt. General Antonio Parlade Jr. in a show of support

A certain netizen named Jun Abines has taken to social media to show his all-out support for SOLCOM Chief and NTF-ELCAC Spokesman Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade.

In case you just emerged from the cave, Gen. Parlade has been demonized on social media by critics, especially the leftist groups and sympathizers for his initiative to expose all the front organizations of the CPP NPA NDF.

Abines dedicated his open letter to Gen. Parlade, in the form of a poem, perhaps his way of showing deep admiration and support on social media for the General.

The poem has five stanzas.

The first stanza urged Gen. Parlade to continue what he is doing; the second stanza told the General that he and the Filipinos have his back and not to get intimidated by politicians. In due time, the Filipino people will make him a SENATOR; the third stanza laments how the legal fronts of the CPP managed to infiltrate the government and get the support of many politicians and worse, managed to siphon off taxpayers’ money and divert it to the enemies of the state; the fourth stanza described how cunning the CPP NPA was, hides behind noble advocacies to gain legitimacy; the last stanza talked about emerging triumphant against the enemies of the state because the people are all awaken, all thanks to the efforts of the General to unmask the enemies who are hiding behind the so-called legal fronts.

Dear General Parlade,

Go ahead Tag them and TAG them all
CPA-NPA and ll it’s legal fronts must now fall
Go ahead Fight them and fight them hard
You’ve got all the Aces and Straight Flush cards

Don’t get intimidated any pro-communist politicians
We got your back so kick their balls if you can
Never be afraid of any congressman, mayor or governor
In due time and by God’s will we make you a Senator

CPP-NPA only brought us terrorism and tragedy
And most politicians choose to sleep with the enemy
Our congress already infiltrated by rebel communist
Sucking our taxes and supporting the terrorists

Our enemies are dangerous, cunning and wise
They hide behind noble advocacies which are all LIES
They use students, women, farmers and even priests
Deception, Treachery and Pretense are what they do best

One day we’ll succeed you won’t be forgotten
Filipinos are no longer asleep we’re all awaken
This time we all know who are our true enemies
Together let’s crush them and end our national miseries.

  • The Filipino People


Source: Jun Abines

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