Supt. Layug’s reply to bashers: Watch is not fake, but show proof of wrongdoings

Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr. of Avsegroup National Capital Region has been the object of online bashing lately due to his role as head of the airport police.

Senior Supt. Layug first earned the ire of netizens by virtue of his role as head of the NAIA airport police after some of his men were accused of playing a role in the shakedown of overseas Filipino workers using the ‘tanim-bala’ modus.

The netizen’s anger towards the airport police official heightened even more when his pics wearing an expensive rolex watch were plastered all over the social media and went viral a few hours after it was posted.

The netizens bashed and questioned his ability to afford such an expensive watch that cost 700 hundred thousand to one million pesos above if purchased brand new and in today’s price.

In an exclusive interview with TV 5 a reporter, Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr said he felt bad about the online bashing that he received after a netizens posted his pics showing him wearing an expensive Rolex watch.


The police official was brave enough to confirm that indeed it is a Rolex watch, but its kaput. He said it was purchased from their money borne out of hard work. Therefore the bashing in the social media is unwarranted.

He said that the watch was bought in 2006 while at the same time pointing the pic showing him wearing the watch when he was still assigned at the Manila Police District in 2012 and he bought it at a cheaper price at that time.

Wag puro damdamin. Dapat pairalin natin kung ano yung legal na proseso. Wag tayo basta mag-akusa sa kapwa nating Pilipino. At dapat meron tayong concrete evidence, ito ang pakiusap ni Supt. Layug.


Stop being emotional. Instead, the legal process should prevail. We should refrain from accusing our fellow Filipinos from wrongdoing. We should present concrete evidence, Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug said to online bashers.

Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug is a licensed Civil Engineer before he joined the police force and he has been a policeman in the last 24 years.


He said, bashing his wife online is not warranted simply because she was seen wearing an expensive watch.

His wife according to Supt. Layug is a legitimate businesswoman. In fact, before they’ve met, she runs her own business. She runs her own boutique and selling expensive jewelries.

Presently, the family runs a boutique selling expensive clothes. He said the family is earning a decent living.

Meanwhile, Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr said the airport police are just doing their jobs.

Kung ano man ang ebidensya, at affidavit ng witnesses, dadalhin po sa aming opisina, mula sa mga terminals na nakitaan ng mga xray operations. Kaming mga police ay implementors lang na batas. Whatever the policy will be, we will implement it.

The evidence and the affidavits of the witnesses are simply brought to our office from the airport terminals based on what the x-ray operators . We, the police, are mere implementors of the law. Whatever the policy will be, we will implement it.

You may watch the full story below.

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