Suspense-filled amateur video shows SUV swallowed by raging flood in front of shocked bystanders in Saudi

A heart stopping video showing a white SUV getting swallowed by a raging flood is making the rounds online recently.

Facebook user Inz Aharijan, a female OFW based in Saudi Arabia posted the video on February 15, 2017.

Aharijan captioned her post in Tagalog and read: “Yan dito sa amin ngaun araw di tumigil ang ulan (This happened today in our place, referring to Abha, K.S.A., rain refuses to stop).”

In the amateur video captured using a mobile phone, the white SUV attempted to cross a flooded culvert bridge but when it reached halfway, the SUV could not move further against mother nature’s force.

The SUV driver tried imposing his will against the force of the river but to no avail.

Sensing their lives were in danger, the SUV passenger swung the back door open to escape but the onlookers shouted at them to shut the door which the passengers heeded.

Seconds later, the SUV was carried away by the angry water into the edge of the culvert bridge, then dived nose down into the river, got swallowed and disappeared from view of the shocked crowd watching from the opposite banks of the river.

The 34-second video ended after the SUV disappeared.

However, a commenter dropped the link of the original video from YouTube which happened to be the original clip.

In the longer video, the SUV passengers miraculously emerged from the SUV a few feet down the flooded river where the waiting bystanders rescued them using a rope. However, as per the comment in Youtube, one of the passengers died and the rest survive the incident.

And it appears that the incident did not occur in Abha Saudi Arabia but in Pakistan according to a commenter in Youtube.

If you are familiar with Saudi attire, the people in the video appeared to be wearing the traditional dress of the South Asian people, not thob, the traditional attire of the Middle East.

Lastly, the incident did not occur on February 15, 2017 in contrast to the claim of Inz Aharijan. The video was uploaded in Youtube on January 30, 2017.

Video here:

Posted by Inz Aharijan on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Original video:

The second video shared by Inz Aharijan appears to be authentic.

Posted by Inz Aharijan on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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