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Taft-based university dean is all praises for Duterte, calls the mayor visionary

PCU dean praises Duterte

PCU dean praises Duterte

A post by no less than the dean of the Philippine Christian University heaping praises on Duterte has been doing the rounds in the social media since last year.

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In a Facebook post on December 2015 that somehow escaped the attention of many netizens, Dean Ed Malagapo of the Philippine Christian University wrote something that should inspire the Duterte supporters to campaign hard to ensure his victory.

Mayor Rody Duterte is a visionary leader because he knows the basic of implementing the objectives consist of must (short-range) and wants (long-range) in accordance with the right strategic management concepts.

Dean Malagapo gave us hint when Mayor Duterte will present this to the voters.

His short-range objectives involved a yearly operational plan taken from the 6-year business plan that his administration will prepare as soon as he started presenting his platforms to the Filipino people in accordance with the Comelec policy on the campaign.

When Dean Malagapo wrote this post late last year, he said Mayor Duterte’s “corporate planning team” should have started preparing the 6-year business plan that Duterte will present whenever necessary throughout the campaign period.

This will be the time that his “corporate planning team” will do their homework in order for Mayor Duterte to present to the public at anytime necessary throughout the campaign period.

Dean Malagapo reminds Mayor Duterte and his team the importance of getting this right so that all sectors of the Philippine society will get to hear his economic plan.

The good mayor should educate the whole Filipinos from Classes A to E or to the least of the people residing in the Philippines about his vision and mission statements and the entire platforms. He has to resort in bringing his platforms to a high level of presentation considering all the audiences as the benefactors in his incoming administration.

Dean Malagapo gave Mayor Duterte a sound strategy on how to present his economic platform to the people by taking advantage of the mayor’s multi-lingual background.

When this is done properly and to those who listen to his presentation can clearly grasp his intention since he has a good command of language in English and Visayan but to exert more effort in communicating it in a clear Tagalog dialect. He could be effective if he will present his platforms in Tagalog especially to the lesser classes. For classes A to C the mayor can present it in English. When his audiences are in the Visayas and Mindanao areas, he can present it in Visayan dialect.

He further added that Mayor Duterte should be able to articulate his economic programs to audiences that are more comfortable communicating in the English language.

I found it also amazing to hear him communicated clearly in English minus the “colorful words” which most of the listeners don’t like to listen.

Dean Malagapo said that his background as a professor teaching strategic management to MBA and Ph.D classes tells him this is doable.

As a professor in Stategic Management for my MBA and Ph.D. classes, I found his presented platforms as practical and can be easily be implemented by the people whom he will choose starting from Day 1 up to the time his tenure will be completed.

Before ending his post, Dean Malagapo sounded prophetic and wrote:

Continue with this kind of high level campaign and you will see that a King David or a King Solomon will arise in the Philippines and will deliver the Filipino people from their current critical economic, health and chaotic situation and poverty. You will be then our resurrected King David who will be choosen by the Almighty God inspite of your weaknesses in some areas of your life but has the strong determination and will to strictly follow the Constitution and by-laws of the land. God bless the Philippines and the Filipino people. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR FOREVER AND EVER IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN!

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Source: Ed Malagapo, Dean of Philippine Christian University

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Posted by Flor Faith Tagud on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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