“Take Sara’s advice. Refrain from giving advice”— Marketing consultant to Leni Robredo amid word war vs Sara Duterte

“Leni, take Sara’s advice. Refrain from giving advice. In short, shut up! Zip it!”

This is basically the meat of the brief FB post of a certain Carlo de Leon, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and executive director of an NGO as per his FB profile.

De Leon remarked that Robredo made a crucial mistake to discredit Sara Duterte’s handling of covid cases by pitting other cities versus Davao City.

“Madumb Leni made another crucial mistake to discredit Sara Duterte in handling the covid crisis by comparing how well other cities are doing compared to Davao.”

According to de Leon, Leni has zero credibility to criticize how LGU exec run their city or municipality because she lacks competence.

“First of all, Leni is not competent enough to criticize the style of governance of each LGU, especially if she doesn’t know what is going on (which is her common mistake).”

And lastly, de Leon raised his eyebrows at the thought that Robredo had the audacity to extend unsolicited advice to different LGUs like she was an expert in handling covid issues.

“Another thing is. Who asked her for her advice? Ang kapal naman ng mukha niya to give unsolicited advice to the different LGUs as if she was an expert in handling the Covid-19 issues.”

De Leon’s FB post has generated 1,300 reactions, 90 comments and 60 shares and counting.

Commenting on the thread, this netizen minces no words in chastising Robredo.

“She is so annoying! If thats her tactic at politicking..she is definitely lost! She doesnt know anything! Ka boba gihapon gyud! 🤣🤣

“I’d say, she’s definitely fireproof, 5yrs as VP and being burned for every word she’d say😂, and also a certified meme😂 commented another.

“Let her be. I’d like to hear more from Madumb’s dumbest jabs to our Mayor and the next episode would be fun. I’ll have my popcorn ready for the rebuttals from both side. Tara! Go Mayor Sara, show ’em what you got! Tsk!” chimed in another.



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