Tanauan City parades not your usual June brides and grooms but couples arrested in drug buy bust ops

According to the PDEA, 97% of the barangays in the country are drug-affected and this is no laughing matter.

In Cebu City, Mayor-elect Tommy Osmena won on the platform with the promise to stamp out the illegal drug trade in the city. And he won.

Even before he could assume as the newly elected Mayor of Cebu City, he already started cleaning up his city from the scourge of illegal drugs by giving incentives to policemen who killed a drug personality.

Very recently, the top drug personality in the entire Central Visayas was neutralized by the city’s police operatives not in Cebu City, but in Las Pinas. That is what you call resolve.

Earlier, Cebu’s 3rd most wanted drug personality was also neutralized, not in Cebu again but in the suspects island hideaway in Bohol.

Ever since Mayor Duterte won the presidential race, a sort of switch has been flicked and when you watch the news on TV or read the newspapers, you are greeted with news of drug pushers or drug dealers here and there killed in an encounter with the police.

Meanwhile, in Tanauan, Batangas, the Mayor is using a different approach in cleaning up the city from the illegal drug trade.

How different? He parades the arrested drug suspects around downtown in a shame campaign.

If you’d recall, he also paraded arrested drug pushers using the theme “Flores de Pusher”, inspired from the religious procession called Flores de Mayo.

Whether this strategy is effective or not, time will tell.

Recently, the Mayor of Tanauan City, Mayor Antonio Halili held a parade of 7 drug pushers and users in his city. This time, the inspiration is June wedding.

I guess by now you have an idea how this looks like. Please watch the video below now!




Mga Pusher at User Huli sa Buy Bust Operation ng MAC Group

Posted by Tanauan City's Hope on Saturday, June 18, 2016

Meanwhile, the netizens applauded the shame campaign of the Tanauan Mayor. If you’d ask me if the CHR people are happy with this? That, I don’t know!

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