Tapeworm on pancit canton? If proven true, a boycott should be in order unless Chowking make amends

Here’s the proof that we should not let our guards down, especially if we are dealing with food.

In a viral post shared by a netizen very recently, he opened his message to his friends by warning that not all things that looks clean are indeed clean in the real sense of the word. Sounds confusing?

Let me explain. On November 7, 2015, a netizen identified as Verna de los Santos recalled that during a visit to Star City, she and her group of friends decided to drop by at Chowking Star City at around 7:30 PM to fill up their starving tummy.

She said it was a no-brainer since Chowking’s pancit canton is an all time favorite. When she got her order, she immediately sampled the pancit canton and agreed with the taste except that she noticed that it a bit tad oily than usual.

Like most pancit canton lovers, she squeezed a single calamansi (Philippine lime) into her pancit and mixed it well to get the taste that she wants to achieve. Then, she something attracted her attention, a slightly burnt ingredient unmistakably different from the noodles used in preparing the pancit canton.

‘Verna’ recounted that when she tried to take a closer inspection of the foreign looking ingredient, she realized it was a worm but not your ordinary worm, but allegedly an earthworm? Or could it be a tapeworm or a human ascaris.

On one hand, one commenter says it was a cultured worm. Check the image below.

tapeworm in Chowking's pancit canton?

tapeworm in Chowking’s pancit canton?


Tapeworm in pancit canton?

The netizen clarified that she is not trying to tarnish or soil the reputation of the establishment like Chowking because she will benefit from doing such thing.

Before the netizen ended her message, she encouraged them to share her story so that people will be extra careful especially when they eat out.

Finally, she stressed the point that she is not trying to pull out a prank. In fact, she attached the receipt of her pancit canton order to back up her claim.

pancit canton receipt

The receipt from Chowking.

As of this writing, Chowking Star City has not released an official statement regarding this issue. Perhaps, this matter has not reached their attention until now. Hope to hear their side of the story to defend themselves.

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