Taxi passenger, abandoned & found unconscious in QC!

If you are a regular taxi commuter, you should read this and know the risk before ending up as the next victim of a criminal on the loose.

The news of a passenger who was left abandoned and unconscious in Quezon City was reported on Saksi, a news program of GMA 7.

According to the Saksi reporter, JC Sulit was found unconscious by his friends who ran to the rescue after receiving a call from the victim.

He said he hailed a taxi bound for Anonas in Quezon City when he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he was sitting beside the taxi driver who took his phone.

Instinctively, he wrestled with the driver to get his phone back, but since he was still feeling groggy and weak, he lapses back into unconsciousness again.

When his friends gave him a ring, he was able to receive the call just in time when he regained his consciousness once again.

By the time his friends arrive to pick him up, he was barely conscious as shown in the amateur video shared by his friend to GMA News.

Meanwhile, the police are still awaiting for the victim to file a case against the taxi driver before proceeding to the next step.

Video courtesy of GMA News

Please share your experience with the taxis around the Philippines.

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