Teacher slams NY Times: Who are you, The New York Times, to wreak havoc in our economy and our stability as a nation?

A post lambasting the US-based newspaper for calling an economic boycott of the Philippines to punish the Duterte administration for alleged human rights violation is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, Faith Cabanilla, carefully selected the strongest words in condemning the New York Times for calling Manila’s trade partners to hurt the Philippines economically, similar to the threat made by UE.

Let me quote Ms. Cabanilla below:

“Kailan pa nagkaroon ng kapangyarihan ang isang dayuhang basura pumigil sa kagustuhang makipag-kalakal ng mga economic partners natin dito sa Pilipinas? ANG TANGA!

Did they honestly think foreign investors would stop their businesses and investments in a country that is proving to be a fast-growing economy in Asia and is now becoming safer and more secure due to the anti-drugs and anti-corruption campaigns under the Duterte government?

All great business people and successful investors know how to calculate risks. I also doubt they’ll based their decisions on a war-mongering, lie-proliferating publication that has contributed much to the violence we are experiencing now in unstable (destabilized) countries.

Who are you, The New York Times, to wreak havoc in our economy and our stability as a nation?
Kung ang P&$^@! Dumb Inquirer ay “colored basura”, ang New York Trash ay “foreign basura”! Nyeta.”

She used the hashtags below for emphasis.

#YellowJournalism #DayuhangBasura

Let us check how netizens react.

Ferdinand Bidua wrote: “New york times believe that they own the world!!!not knowing that the world does not recognize their existence!!!!bullshit even ur president (trump) despised you…..”

Alain Opina said: “NYT is telling countries to punish our country? MATINDI…. A FOREIGN MEDIA MEDDLING WITH THE AFFAIRS OF OTHER STATES? LOIDA LEWIS UMAYOS KA…”

Ed Dazo remarked: “Mga lintek na yan! Walang tangang negosyante susunod sa kanila lalo kung maganda ang business nila d2. E sa amin na lang..nadadagdagan pa ang mga foreign suppliers namin. Tapos ung more than 20 years namin na supplier na Dutch company..2x a month pa nga pupunta. Wag nga mag inarte yang lintek na NYT na yan kung makasulsol akala mo kung e napakamakapangyarihan.”

Your thoughts, please!

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