Team Maldita ay hindi kalebel sa Team Feelingera —- Sara’s Beda Law pal reacts to Monsod’s, “Leni vs Sara: Why Robredo is the better choice”

MARENG WINNIE CHOSE LENI. SO ANO NGAYON? This is the initial reaction of Atty. Bruce Rivera on Inquirer’s Get Real and GMA News Resident Analyst on Economy Solita Monsod saying Robredo is a better choice over Sara Duterte.

Atty. Rivera remarked he was not surprised because Monsod chose someone from her tribe.

Si Solita naglabas ng kanyang verdict sa Sara vs. Leni. And she chose someone na katribu niya.

Atty. Rivera conceded in jest that indeed Robredo was ahead of Sara when they talking about bar exams because Robredo had long experience in that area.

Oo nga naman. Mas madaming beses si madame kumuha ng bar exams, at isang beses lang si Sara kasi pumasa agad. Mas matagal ang bar exam experience ni Lugaw.

Atty. Rivera went on to cite 2 more reasons, in sarcastic tone, why Monsod chose Leni Robredo over Sara as the better choice for president in 2022 polls.

Natural si Leni kasi walang executive experience dahil one term sa Congress habang si Sara matagal ang experience as a local executive. Oo nga, ang president dapat walang executive experience katulad ni PNoy.

Natural si Leni kasi di pasaway, nagpapainterview sa kanya habang si Inday hindi nagpapacute sa kanya. Walang interview at hindi nagpapa-epal sa taumbayan

Expected na yan choice niyo. Hindi ko alam bakit news pa yan? Atty. Rivera asked.

Atty. Rivera revealed what is really newsworthy based on his opinion.

Alam mo kung ano ang news? Yung may mangahas na magsabi sa yo na ikaw ang pasaway at corny sa edad mong yan. Ikumpara kaya kita kay Mystica na parang magkalebel kayo. Tignan natin kung pupusuan mo.

Team Maldita ay hindi kalebel sa Team Feelingera, Atty. Rivera concluded.

Let us read the comments of netizens and see what they think of Monsod’s opinion.

you don’t compare apples with oranges. one is a brilliant lawyer, the other a bar flunker. one speaks and writes impeccably and is highly intelligent, the other is good at reading scripts prepared by her lapdog, and spews non-sensical statements without a script. one wears a genuine smile, and behind is a no-nonsense individual, an iron lady and a very decisive one. the other wears a “dog-smile” (ngiting aso, for want of a better translation) and behind it is an evil mind. one is sincere, the other is for photo ops, simply epal. the list could go on an on. ah basta, to sum it all, kumbaga sa desktop computer, one has an Intel Core 19 or even an AMD Ryzen Pro, while the other is still “iyong, iyong, iyong, iyong,” buffering, “umiikot, ikot lang” etc Intel Pentium 1.

Yes @winnie monsod your choice is Leni. It is ur inherent Right, but we chose Mayor Inday Sara Duterte over and over again❤️Sara is The woman with substance & WIT. She doesnt need to make epal, kami pa nga naghahanap sa kanya sa social media. Thats just some of the attributes of our Mayor Sara🌹U know what Winnie? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻#SaraAll📌

This senile old woman here doesn’t know what she’s talking about. You better shut up and enjoy your remaining days on earth.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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