Thanks God Jojo Binay did not become President. Netizen easily trumps Binay on how to run PH government amid pandemic

On former Vice President Jojo Binay’s call for the Duterte administration to increase ‘ayuda’ for affected citizens by diverting billions earmarked for infra projects of legislators and the NTF-ELCAC funds, US-based blogger Edwin Jamora strongly rejected the Binay proposal.

In a Facebook post, Jamora wrote that the best ‘ayuda’ isn’t dole-outs, hand-outs, 4Ps, freebies, free money, free grocery or Leni’s SWAB CAB.

Jamora went on to enumerate the best 5 ‘ayudas’ for the poor like infrastructure, good education, excellent healthcare, strong military and federal parliamentary form of government.

Jamora explained that infrastructure helps farmers bring their products from the farm to the market. When there is good farm to market road, people is encourage to engage in commercial or entrepreneurial activities because it makes their jobs easier. The result? Increase GDP and employment that brings more food on the table. The more food on the table, the more people are happy. When people are happy, there is no reason to rally.

Number 2 on Jamora’s list is education. He explained that education is a stabilizer of society. Educated people will look out for our future not just as a nation but as Filipinos as a whole. He wants an overhaul of education system though because it appears that the Communist has now taken over the Department of Education! Gedam it!

Number 3 on Jamora’s list is excellent healthcare? Why? Simple. Since numbers 1 & 2 have been delivered, happy and well-educated people deserves excellent healthcare that is inclusive for all, including 65 years old and above. When speaking of healthcare, that includes hospitalization.

Number 4 on Jamora’s list is strong military so that powerful countries will stop picking on us. And strong military starts with ROTCto instill discipline among our “suwail” youths.

The last but not the least on Jamora’s list is a federal parliamentary form of government. Jamora’s reason is that Filipinos need to reset its mindset. And what a way to reset a mindset is the change of system because “system shapes behavior!” Jamora added that a “federal Parliamentary will advance the Philippines NOT the Presidential System.”

Those are your basic ayudas that we Filipinos need,” Jamora remarked to wrap up his response to Jojo Binay.


Source: Edwin Jamora


Posted by Edwin Jamora on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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