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Thanks to social media! Identity of Air Asia Philippines CEO finally revealed!

Air Asia Philippines CEO identity revealed

Air Asia Philippines CEO identity revealed

Ever ask who the guy who gave the order to provide special consideration to soldiers who fly with Air Asia?

Well, let’s thank Sass for having a good network of spies.

According to the beautiful tipsters of Sass, CEO of Air Asia Philippines is none other than Dexter Comendador, a former PAL flight systems engineer who heroically saved thousands of lives when an Al-Qaeda terrorist planted a bomb of the PAL plane bound for Japan.

Read the post below.


Thanks to a gorgeous tipster, I got to know more who Dexter Comendador is besides being the CEO of AirAsia Philippines who decided to give our soldiers free baggage service.

A member of the Philippine Air Force, Comendador was the flight systems engineer of Philippine Airlines Flight 434 to Narita, Japan. A Pakistani terrorist planted a bombed in 434, which served as Al Qaeda’s “practice run” for 9/11. The bombed exploded in the plane but it didn’t hit the engine. Comendador was tasked to stabilise the situation in the cabin. He succeeded in doing so. [Cebu Daily News]

Now that’s heroism. Mabuhay po kayo Captain Dexter Comendador!

Netizen Lizyl Ruoisze Dalida remarked: “OMG! True? Now I know where the compassion came from. Kabaro pala at alam ang sitwasyon ng ating mga sundalo. Maraming salamat po”

Diana Publico shared her pleasant experience with Comendador. “I had the privilege to fly with him when he was with PAL as a System Engineer (B747) … a few hours into our flight, we had a problem with the water supply… after exhausting all possible remedies tinkering with those gadgets in the cabin, he went down (below main cabin, baggage compartments) to where some panels were thru a hatch forward of the 1st class galley… hindi madamot sa ngiti… a really good person 👍👍”

Ai Car wrote: “He is featured in a National Geographic documentary, this is the complete video:

Vida Jackson commented: “Our new hero Captain Dexter Commedador. We commend your good heart. Hope this bring a domino effect.”

By the way, Air Asia was initially in the hot seat following the viral FB post of a netizen about Marawi-bound soldiers who encountered slight issues with their baggage.

After the viral post was picked up by the mainstream media, Air Asia quickly turned the tables around with a face-saving directive giving free 40kg weight to soldiers. [Link here]

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