“That’s fucked. I mean. he is!” — Lawyer on Teddy Casiño’s statement during the senate hearing on red tagging

Teddy Casiño is now the talk of the town, no of social media fared after shooting himself on the foot during the resumption of the senate hearing on red-tagging.

Well, a certain Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan offered an interesting insights on Facebook re Teddy Casiño’s response when asked about the NPA.

Atty. Ahmed began by recalling the words of Casiño when asked by Senator Lacson to comment on the NPA.

“Teddy declares that the NPA is committing rebellion, which, he says, is a crime. Except that “they” don’t consider the NPA an “enemy”.

Atty. Ahmed can’t help but share his opinion with regards to what Casiño just told the senators.

“That’s fucked. I mean, he is.”

Atty. Ahmed described Casiño’s rhetoric “BS” and good only at classroom discussions. However, Casiño’s stance won’t give him breathing space in social or legal debates.

“All that BS rhetoric will only work at academic/educational discussions. That stance won’t afford you any respite in social or legal discourse.”

Atty. Ahmed remarked that Casiño’s remarks on the NPA may not attract interest from the academic point of view, it will stop the police and the military from considering Casiño as a person of interest.

“Because while your ultra-pussy-coward-tentative-bitchy-ambivalence may express academic disinterest; it won’t dissuade law enforcement dudes from investigating you now as a person of interest.”

Atty. Ahmed derided Casiño for his ignorance after their leader whom he described as “fuckhead moron”, didn’t have the foresight to think through this before settling down into full-time middle-class lifestyle. Worse, their leader left them to figure out for themselves how other communist countries fucked it up for themselves.

“You do not know this because your leader is a fuckhead moron, who didn’t think things through before going into a full-time bourgeois lifestyle; and leaving you to figure out how Russia and Cuba fucked it up for themselves.”

Atty. Ahmed ended the FB post by wishing well for Teddy Casiño.

“Good luck, though.”

One netizen shared his non-legal opinion on Casino’s statement. “Hinde ako abogado, but that, for me, is admittance of guilt. Congressman ka ng Pilipinas tapus sasabihin mo na ang NPA ay kaibigan mo. TUNGAW itong congressman na ito. Dapat ito ma-impeached at kasuhan na agad.”

Another netizen used Casino’s logic to compose his response. “So hindi enemy of state ang mga npa inspite na nangingikil sila ng revolutionary tax, nang aambush ng mga sundalo, pulis. Nanghihikayat at dinidemonio ang kaisipan ng mga kabataan upang labanan ang gobyerno.”

Here’s the link of the video here.


Source: Ahmed Paglinawan

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