“That’s the genius of SG Calida!” — Government prosecutor Darwin Canete on SolGen Calida’s Quo Warranto case vs ABS-CBN franchise

According to government prosecutor Atty. Darwin Canete, SolGen Jose Calida’s genius is finding your vulnerability and dec@pitates you there.

Canete remarked that the Quo Warranto case filed by the SolGen versus ABS-CBN’s franchise is the perfect example.

Canete arrived with that conclusion after he noted that after the Quo Warranto case was filed in the SC, the ABS-CBN supported attacks has exploded exponentially.

Canete was sure ABS CBN already gave up their drive for renewal.

Canete believed that the ABS-CBN owners find the Quo Warranto more alarming than the rejection of their legislative franchise.

Why is that so?

Canete explained that the quo warranto is more dangerous because if the PDRs for Filipino media are found illegal, this nullifies them as capital-raising instruments. Meaning, ABS-CBN can no longer raise money from foreign investors via PDRs (Philippine Depository Receipt). Worse, it exposes them to massive financial liability.

Canete reckoned that losing the legislative is recoverable and can be called a bad bet on politics which ABS-CBN is known for. Invalidating the PDR’s is like cutting ABS-CBN at the n*ck.

Investors can now file syndicated estafa cases against ABS-CBN if those PDRs become known as fraudulent financial instruments.

Canete concluded the FB post praising the genius of SolGen Calida – finding your weakness and takes you down from there.

Let us check out the comments of netizens to see how they react to his analysis.

One netizen praised Canete for the insightful analysis. “That’s the insightful analysis which ends this abscbn saga. Hats off to you Fiscal!”

Another netizen said Canete’s FB post was the best he read today. “Best thing i read this morning. Very nice. Franchise renewal go ahead, PDRs… check mate!”

Meanwhile, this netizen offered nice compliments to SolGen Calida. “Go for the jugular! Calida is a genius a badass genius!”

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Source: Darwin Canete

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