That’s their plan. Divide us — Netizen on Pinklawans spreading rumor Sara Duterte to run for President vs BBM, rivals

A tweet from @Lupusregina3 warning BBM and Duterte supporters not to fall for the trap laid out by the Dilawans/Pinklawans whose aim is to divide and conquer them has reached Facebook.

@Lupusregina3 tweeted: Guys, I just saw mga posts ng mga Pinklawan ngayon. Ang common sentiment nila is maglaban si BBM at Sara. This is para makalusot si MaDumb because they know she cannot win by herself. She has to pull down others. That’s their plan. Divide us.

Netizens on Facebook, particularly the followers of Atty. Darwin Canete, reacted to the tweet. Majority of netizens click like as a gesture of appreciation for the heads up while others just laughed it off.

Here are some of the reaction of netizens regarding the tweet.

Yan talaga kinatatakutan ko….there are BBM and Mayor Sara supporters who want both of them to run for Pres. I hope that both camps will unite and support a BBM/SARA OR SARA/BBM tandem. To me it doesnt matter- those are just positions….. what I know is that they will work together for the country and not for themselves. A HOUSE DIVIDED BY ITSELF CANNOT STAND….. and when we are divided… we are giving the others a chance to win….wrote one netizen.

We will support BBM as President whatever it takes!! He is the most qualified and most deserving!! He can win by himself through the love and support of the people!! commented another.

This netizen agreed with the observation of the Twitter netizen and cited Congressman Salceda’s statement that Sara is leaning towards running for President to support such theory.

Joey Salceda has already feed some info in the media regarding Mayor Sara in running Presidency..I think its a mind conditioning or he just insist Sara to run for Presidency to break the ties between of the North and South…and also to favor Lenie for that matter…remember…Salceda is from BICOLANDIA…perhaps our speculations and conclusions are too early that mayor Sara will run for Presidency…but hopefull that their tandem will come out in the finals…

Some netizens tell fellow DDS and Marcos supporters to just chill.

The Dutertes and the Marcoses are smart enough they can never anticipate what they would do next.

Digong is a master political tactician, no worries!😂😂😂

Well in their dreams i dont think kasing kitid ng utak nila mag isip sila bbm at sara. Lets see whats gonna happen on nov 15.

Imposible mangyari un ano pat nagkaroon sila ng pag uusap kung parehong posisyon ang tatakbuhan😅🙄


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