The 8 old election issues critics will resurrect vs Yorme Isko Moreno if he does run for president according to this Manila Bulletin writer

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu quickly brushed aside the “bold” movie photos of Mayor Isko Moreno as the least of his concerns to open her Facebook political commentary.

Instead, Chu warned Yorme Isko Moreno that old issues lobbed against him when he ran for senator in 2016 that remain unresolved until now will resurface and used against him if he does run for president. Chu advised Yorme Isko to ready his answers to the questions on issues floating around on the internet.

“A Senate run is much more tame compared to a Presidential or VP run. These will be resurrected against him plus more,” Chu remarked.

Basically, Chu graciously gave tips to Yorme Isko’s PR team to diligently prepare answers to 8 issues she predicted will resurface again to hound his presidential or vice presidential bid if ever he pushes through with his plan.

1. Gambling. (Classmates daw sila ni Erap) Stories like this was the content of 2006 papers. He was frequently seen in Malate’s casinos in the slots. There’s also one story which was just an entertainment/showbiz story and not a political story where he and Jay Manalo and Isko daw have bumped into each other there in the Malate casino. Pls note that this particular one is a showbiz article written by Salve Asis for Star.

2. Hostage taking of HKG tourist bus and dereliction of duty, and charges filed against him after.

3. Unexplained wealth like he actually lives in the South (Ayala Alabang or some other exclusive Southern village like Alabang Hills) and not Manila. How did a simple politician afford his lifestyle? How can a government official afford the kind of life he had even before he became Mayor? Grand houses in the South cost upwards of P60-100 million and these are simple houses.)

4. There’s an article from the early 2000s still up now that says he has to explain in detail properties in downtown Manila (including a prime lot where kfc stands/used to stand near PGH)

5. His friendly relations with an established terrorist like Joma Sison

6. Atty Cabigao filed in 2012 a complaint against Isko following a COA report that said Isko as a VM has ghost employees. He complained after a former city legal officer claimed he was able to verify that at least one of the names on Isko’s employees has died in 2008. 7 others said they never were hired by Isko. Based on the complaint Isko had 623 ghost employees earning 12k each, and that if he was VM for nine years that meant P756M. I’ve tried researching if the Ombudsman has dismissed the case because in 2012 it was still “under investigation.” Where is Atty Cabigao now?

7. In 2014, five barangay chairmen said Isko Moreno pocketed real property tax, and filed plunder charges against Isko and 7 others for pocketing 70 million pesos.

8. “Boy Abang” and “Don Ramon”—names in illegal gambling that are apparently connected to Mayor Isko, and why PNP cannot touch them. Look for an article online by a man named Pab Hernandez for Bulgar tabloid.

Chu said that Yorme and his camp should starting to get worried now that the President, after a long silence of Yorme’s tirade about his “ngawngaw” and “kiawkiaw” has started talking. It could mean the old man has accumulated so much ammunitions lined up against Yorme Isko and will use it at his disposal.

“Duterte started with the parinig na last night, but knowing the old man—who has kept quiet in the days after Mayor Isko’s tirade about his “ngawngaw” and “kiawkiaw”—the fact that he started talking last night means he already has the issues against Isko lined up one by one. He probably looked for ammunition as Isko day in and day out insulted the government. And knowing PRRD, there are many more under his sleeve.”

Chu broke one more bad news to Isko supporters regarding what seems to be a falling out with a popular strategist whom she said is an expert in deflecting or nipping in the bud something like this.

“Sayang that political strategist Malou Tiquia seems to have had a falling out with Team Isko, she would know how to deflect or nip in the bud something like this.”

So if I were Mayor Isko I would already ask my team to prepare for the maelstrom that’s coming,” Chu reiterated her warning to Yorme Isko’s PR team.

Chu explained that the issues she laid out today are just some of the issues Yorme faced in the past, meaning they are all over the internet. And these are the same issues thrown against him when he ran for a senate seat in 2016 and failed miserably. To think, he was the candidate who received the biggest contributions.

Chu mentioned the amount Yorme got as campaign contribution but ranked a disappointing 16th place. She hope Isko will not be a huge disappointment for his contributors in the 2022 elections. Chu ended the paragraph with a mischievous question.

“He got (DECLARED HA) 171 million pesos as contribution for his 2016 Senate run only to place 16th in the tally. I hope he doesn’t disappoint his contributors now in the 2022 elections the way he did in 2016. I wonder who his contributors were?”

“If Duterte already opened his mouth to retaliate that can only mean he already has the ammunition he needs,” Chu reiterated her earlier warning.

Chu ended the long FB post with a question.

“Politics, isn’t it fun?”

Krizette Chu’s FB post has generated 11,000+ reactions, 994 comments and 1,500 share sin just 11 hours and counting.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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