The anti-Marcoses are working double time on Twitter but so far, the pro-Marcos supporters are keeping them at bay, even making ’em eat humble pie

The PBBM critics, especially the anti-Marcos, are still groping their way around how to embarrass the new leader.

On Twitter, a netizen named Joey Ledesma asked his Dilawan and anti-Marcos followers, to borrow his words ad verbatim, “Is it diplomatic protocol to include children of the First Couple in state visits and dinner?”

Here’s a photo grabbed from the official FB account of Cong. Sandro Marcos to give context to the concern of the Twitter netizen who is obviously trying to make an issue out of Cong. Sandro Marcos who was part of the delegation of his father’s state visit to Indonesia and Singapore recently.

Pinoytapsilog, a Twitter netizen who has 48,000+ followers because of his anti-Dilawan political stance, responded to Joey Ledesma’s query by reminding him that Noynoy did not have any child to include whatever state visit he made during his term.

Reyna Elena or Edwin Jamora on Facebook also joined Pinoytapsilog in torpedoing whatever innuendo Joey Ledesma is trying to achieve of his innocent-looking tweet.

Another anti-Dilawan netizen delivered the coup de grace to finally put Joey Ledesma’s malicious question to rest.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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