THE ATTACK OF THE QUEEN AND TWO ROOKS — Political blogger reveals President Duterte’s game plan to checkmate Opposition

In a Facebook post entitled, THE ATTACK OF THE QUEEN AND TWO ROOKS, political blogger Raymond Satnamul revealed the political strategy of President Rodrigo Duterte to deliver mate to the Opposition in the 2022 polls.

The queen is Sara Duterte, one of the two rooks is BBM and the remaining is none other than PRRD, whom he said will deliver the final blow.

Of course, Raymond Satnamul admitted that in the course of the political strategizing, like in the game of chess, PRRD sacrificed some of his important pieces, Senators Bong Go and Bato de la Rosa – 2 loyal knights of the president.

I don’t know if you’ll agree but Pacquiao and Isko has been referred to by Raymond Satnamul as PRRD’s two bishops.

To understand how PRRD executed his game plan to arrive at the endgame, I want you to continue reading Raymond Satnamul’s FB post below and please comment below and tell me if you agree with his analysis of PRRD’s political game plan.

In chess, rooks are known to shine in the endgame. Though commonly represented in chess sets as a Castle, Rooks are considered as one of the most powerful pieces of the game. 😟

In politics today, the endgame is the forthcoming elections. With only less than five months left before the final showdown, the grandmaster has so far brilliantly played the mind games and I noticed one peculiar thing.

The grandmaster has lost some of his most important pieces. For example, he just lost his 2 loyal Knights – Bong Go and Bato de la Rosa. He has also set aside his two Bishops – Manny Pacquiao and Isko Moreno, his two erstwhile trusted friends.

To finish the game and beat the opponent, the grandmaster is now relying on the remaining Queen – his daughter Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and two Castles. The first castle is no other than Bongbong Marcos who is the running mate of the Queen.

Who’s the other Rook or Castle? It must be the grandmaster himself.

Why? In the famous action movie ‘THE PUNISHER’, an FBI agent was brutally beaten but survived death to avenge the murder of his wife and kid by killing one by one the murderers. The name of the agent was – Frank Castle.

Coincidentally, the grandmaster has the same nickname and he will surely finish the game with a CHECKMATE. ♟👊




Source: Raymond Satnamul 

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