The Facebook modus operandi behind FRANCIS LEO MARCOS, explained by XIAN S. GAZA

The infamous Xian Gaza has detonated a bomb versus Francis Leo Marcos aka Norman mangusin in real life on socmed.

Gaza did a Facebook LIVE to unmask Norman Mangusin who became widely notorious on social media for starting the trend Milyonaryo Challenge.

In the said Milyonaryo Challenge, Mangusin, as the name of the challenge implies, challenged millionaires to donate to the poor in the midst of the hunger brought about by the enhanced community quarantine because of the covid pandemic.

Moving forward, Gaza asked his viewers what was the motive behind all these social media stunts and publicities and propaganda of this Francis Leo Marcos? What is the real motive and out of nowhere, suddenly someone came out pretending to be a member of the powerful Marcos family?

Gaza remarked that if you think this is some kind of a political propaganda for the 2022 election because he (referring to Francis Leo Marcos) is running for senator, you are dead wrong. It was a just a show, mere diversion, according to Gaza.

Norman Mangusin was used as a front of an investment scam syndicate.

Gaza alleged that Francis Leo Marcos or Norman Mangusin in real life was recruited by someone from an investment scam syndicate.

Gaza claimed that as early as December 2019, the investment scam syndicate started planning this and ny 2020, the syndicate will launch it.

Gaza said that this investment scam isn’t new to this. In fact, they were behind many investment scams in the past that had collected milions and millions of pesos from gullible Filipinos.

However, the plan of the syndicate to execute in 2020 encountered a problem when the covid-19 crisis erupted and getting investments from the Filipinos was impossible.

But, the investment syndicate found a way to exploit the pandemic by using a front man they will build up, packaged as a philanthropist, a very rich person that will ignite the social media world.

This front man will be used by scam syndicate to execute their plan and the front they hired was none other than Francis Leo Marcos aka Norman Mangusin.

You may watch the video below to know the details as described by Xian Gaza.


Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Friday, May 22, 2020

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Source: Gian Gaza

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