The Hague: Philippines is upbeat disputed Spratly Islands is ours based on old Chinese maps

Let’s admit it! The Filipinos are highly political people that is why the 2016 Presidential election is much talked about than the Spratly Islands dispute with China and other claimant countries.

Spratly Islands hearing in the Hague 1

Spratly Islands hearing in the Hague 1

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the Philippine delegation was brimming with confidence after the country presented its evidence in backing up our claim of disputed territories in the Spratly Islands.

As expected the Philippine delegation led by Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and Solicitor General Florin Hilbay presented eight old maps of China that goes back to the Han and Ming Dynasty.

The old Chinese maps shows that the last Chinese territory in the South China Sea is the Hainan Province.

Associate Justice Carpio believes the resolution of the case in the International Tribunal will be out within six months. Solicitor General Hilbay agrees with Assoc. Justice Carpio’s prediction and says the promulgation of the decision is expected before President Aquino steps down from office.

Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte further explains that it is very clear based on the old maps that the Chinese argument of the 9-dashed-line does not conform to the United Nation Conventions on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). She said Palawan is nearer to the disputed reefs which can be seen in the map.

However, Deputy Spokesperson clarified that in the event the decision of the UN Tribunal is favorable to the Philippines, this is not a political victory for President Aquino but for the entire Filipino people.

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