The lawyers from the Luminous retell conversation with former NPA cadres, mentions Cong. Zarate in scheme of things

Bayan Muna Party list Rep. Carlos Zarate remains unfazed in the face of the spirited government campaign to expose the connection of the Makabayan Bloc to the CPP NPA NDF.

In a statement released to the media, Rep. Zarate remarked that no amount of red-tagging, terrorist tagging and what not can stop them from fighting for the defense and advancement of human rights and be with the Filipino people in their just cause and democratic struggles.

Rep. Carlos Zarate’s fighting words did not gain any sympathy from the lawyers at Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan.

Instead, the Luminous retold the story of former NPA cadres starring the “hampas lupang utusan” of the CPP NPA NDF leaders who delivers collected revolutionary taxes. Guess who gets to enjoy the millions collected? Meanwhile, the foot soldiers in the mountains are left with nothing.

“Ayon sa kwento ng mga nagbalik loob sa gobyerno ang mga hampas lupang utusan ng mga diosdiosang lider sa CPP NPA NDF ang nagbibigay ng nakolektang revolutionary tax. Ang mga lider ang nakikinabang. Milyon ang inaabot nito kada taon. Walang natitira sa mga nasa kabundukan.”

And when the lowly NPA cadres get sick and ask for money for medicine. And guess what? The reply of Cong. Zarate’s friends is heartbreaking to say the least.

“Pero kapag nagkasakit ang mga kawawang timawa, at humihingi ng pera pangpagamot, ano ang sinasagot ng mga kaibigan ni Cong. Zarate? “Gawan nyo na lang ng paraan.”

The Luminous ended the brief FB post by leaving the Bayan Muna Congressman with something to chew on.

“Kanino ka ba nakikiisa ng struggle, Congressman?”

Cong. Zarate’s statement did not resonate with the netizens either. In fact, 2100+ netizens were amused at the dig of Luminous at Cong. Zarate and hit the laugh emoji; 2000+ netizens hit the like emoji. And one-third of the reactors hit the angry emoji.

Here are some of the unflattering remarks from the followers of Luminous.

Netizen #1 told Cong. Zarate that they do not serve public interest but the NPA.

“Wala naman talaga kau ginagawa para sa mamamayan, yung NPA lang ang pinagsisilbihan nio. Tsaka nilinaw na ng Presidente, hindi kau nireredtag, kinukompirma kayo ng gobyerno na isa kang Teroristang NPA, tapos mukha ka pa daw tae ni Joma base sa presidente. Yuck”

Netizen #2 asked Zarate who are the people he is serving? “Zarate!!!!sino sino yong mga people mo? Yong mga npa?🤣🤣

Netizen #3 did not bite Zarate’s claim that that he and fellow Makabayan bloc members are fighting to uphold democratic ideals but an armed struggle to supplant democracy with their own.. “Democratic struggle???? Armed Struggle kamo and topple the Legit Govt. T@#÷ina nyo Makabayan Bloc. Mawala na kayo sa Congreso dapat.Its about time your party list be disqualified for good.”


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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