The “ninja cops” allegedly P700-million richer in the infamous 2013 Pampanga Raid? Radio host Mark Lopez breaks down loot of “ninja cops” in latest FB post

We’ve heard about the existence of “ninja cops” before but not as extensive as the senate hearing has given us now and how fucked up the Philippine National Police is.

Imagine your incumbent PNP Chief is being implicated of the “ninja cops” by no less than his former colleague who used to head the PNP’s Investigation Department (CIDG)?

When we’ve heard about the “ninja cops” in the past, but there was no angry reactions on social media, there was no public outcry.

Possibly because we have no idea how much the so-called “ninja cops” have been raking in, in terms of money from reselling confiscated shabu from their illegal activity without spending any capital except for their police badges.

But thanks to former CIDG Chief General and now Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong for bravely confirming the existence of “ninja cops” and even dropping the name PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde as playing Godfather role of the of the “ninja cops”?

Moving forward, let us dive in and get the answer from radio host Mark Lopez how much the “ninja cops” made in one of their “ninja operations” that should hopefully result in a public outcry demanding the heads to roll and the eradication of the “ninja cops” in the PNP organization.

You may start readingMark Lopez’s original article below.


That infamous Pampanga Raid by the Ninja Cops happened in November 2013.

200kg of Shabu were supposedly seized. At the time of the raid, the street value was said to be 5.5-6k per gram. 200kg therefore would amount to P1.2 BILLION.

Only 36 kg were officially declared confiscated.

If 164 kg of the seized drugs were recycled into the market, the source would have earned a whopping P656 MILLION.

Putres, walang puhunan yan, kundi badge.

Ok so may 656 Million na.

Eh may nakuha din isang kahon na ang laman eh pera. According sa investigation nina Magalong, yung kahon na yon ay may P10 Million.

Pero sa official report, P100,000 lang ang na recover.

So 656M plus 10 M eh di 682 Million na!

But wait, there’s more!

Yung supposedly head ng sindikato na nahuli, Johnson Lee eh mukhang pinatakas pa, at pinalitan ng ibang tao. Pero hindi sya pinatakas ng ganun ganun lang. Pinagbayad sya ng P50 Million.

So 656 plus 10 plus 50 equals 716 MILLION.


Kung 13 lang yung Ninja Cops na naghati hati, lalabas na meron sila P55 Million bawat isa.

Pero mukhang hindi naman naging ganun ang hatian. Mukhang dinaan sa ranggo ang partehan.

At mukhang may share ang mga officers.

November 2013 naganap.

At that time, ang Provincial Director ng Pampanga PNP was Oscar Albayalde.

Ang Regional Director ng PNP Recom3 was Brig Gen Raul Petrasanta.

Ang PNP chief noon ay si Alan Purisima.

Ang DILG Secretary nuon ay si Mar Roxas.

At ang Presidente nuon ay si Noynoy Aquino.

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