The Philstar Duterte interview (The video they don’t want you to see)

A staunch supporter of the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has made a bold prediction on her Facebook post, claiming that the video she salvaged from the depths of oblivion could be the most crucial interview of the former that would propel him to Malacanang.

Mayor Duterte

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Intrigued by her bold statement, I did not waste a minute and found myself watching the video in its entirety that runs for almost thirteen minutes. The original video was deleted by the Philippine Star an hour after it went viral. When it resurfaced, it was down to three minutes. A good portion of the video was lost.

I don’t know if this is a sign that God wants Mayor Duterte to win the 2016 election, the lady netizen managed to record the video on her phone from start to finish. She is now asking her fellow Duterte supporters to share the video so that more and more voters will be able to listen to the Mayor’s platform of government.

If you are expecting to see a cussing or poker-faced Duterte dishing out his brand of humor, you will be very disappointed because the Mayor Duterte in the video is a calm, serious and very presidential when he faced the camera.

Let me walk you through the thirteen-minute interview.


This is the first question that serves as the appetizer of the interview. Mayor Duterte, known for his leadership skills, set the tone of the interview by humbly accepting the fact that he could not fix the ills of the country without the support of the Filipino people.

Mayor Duterte hopes the Filipino people will follow the law to the letter because he is bent on imposing the law, no matter who is hit, whether you are rich or poor. He said following the law should not be an option, but a must.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that the country should have an adequate police and military force. He also plans to overhaul the entire system and even the hierarchy of the two fighting forces of the government.

An increase of the salaries of the police and the Armed Forces is in order in a Duterte presidency so that the law enforcers could take care of their families and they could take pride in their work.

He further explained that the dignity of the person is very important. To achieve this, increasing the salary of the policemen and soldiers is a must.

Furthermore, the presidential aspirant said that the most important part of the security of the nation is to have an efficient and effective military and police. Therefore, we need to take care of their welfare.

While waiting to perfect the system, Mayor Duterte hopes to call upon ordinary citizens to effect the arrest of criminals because he said is legally acceptable under Philippine laws.

To cap his answer on the first question, Mayor Duterte said he hopes to instill discipline among the citizens and likewise, he wants citizens under his watch who are willing to obey the law without even devoid of the threat of being arrested just like in Davao City where he succeeded as a Mayor.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has always been known as a disciplinarian and his strength as a leader is fighting crime in his city. Surprisingly, he did his homework in answering a question that should once and for all assure the business community, that a Duterte presidency might not be bad after all since he obviously values the role of businessmen in nation building.


Duterte started his answer by saying that to create jobs, we must create factories, we must build industries. To achieve industrialization, Duterte wants the country to have our own steel industry. He cited an example wherein the country exports the ore and then buying the finished product which is steel thus compounding the cost. He further added, that everything we see around are made of steel. Therefore, to achieve industrialization, having a steel industry is the first step to an industrialized Philippines.

From here, Duterte hopes to build up our military, produce our own cars etc and create what we need in the country instead of importing at an added cost. Makes sense, right?

He cited the examples of our more successful neighbors like South Korea and Taiwan simply because they have their own steel industry to rely on.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he welcomes investors and promise to fix our laws and come up with an economic codes to simplify doing business in the country.

He hopes to attract more foreign investors by offering more than what other countries offered to the capitalists. And he admits that the main problem of the country is that our laws are very complicated and convoluted and Duterte promise to do something about it by making our laws simple, believable and protects the investments of the foreign investors.

Mayor Rodrigo said that in Davao City, he implemented a 72-hour rule to expedite the processing of business permits or clearances. If the individual tasked to handle such matter failed to finish the job on time, it is automatically forwarded to his table and the assigned individual would have a lot of explaining to do why he or she sits on the job.

In the event that there is a problem with bureaucratic red tapes on the concerned agency, Mayor Duterte revealed he does not hesitate to implement a total overhaul of the concerned agency for the sake of having a well-oiled bureaucracy.

He cited the example of the local police. Mayor Duterte explained that if he got wind of a policeman involved in illegal trade, his policy is, the fault of one is the fault of all.


Duterte hopes to replicate the success of Hong Kong

Mayor Duterte has long espoused the idea of offering an island to business investors that would cater their needs without compromising Philippine laws.

Mayor Duterte hopes to replicate the formula of Hong Kong and Singapore, wherein foreign investors could build their factories or business on the island.

The investors will be given a free hand in configuring the island that would match their needs to become profitable.

Mayor Duterte hopes the jobs created would be enough reason for the Filipinos stay within our borders and not go somewhere far from their families.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that the main problem of the country is the lack of infrastructure. He said that the eople from the city needs to buy their food from somewhere else and transporting the farm produce to the cities entails money. If the road is bad, the cost of bringing in the farm produce would double or triple the cost. This is passed on to the end users or the consumers.

So to address the problem, Mayor Duterte proposes to improve our infrastructure by building more highways and farm to market roads or build on what is already there to make the movement of goods cost-effective.

Furthermore, Mayor Duterte would like to get rid of the ‘kotong’ cops. He said, every time a policeman asks money from truck drivers responsible for moving the goods, the businessmen are forced to pass on his expenses to the consumers to make money. In the end, the consumers are the losers in this illegal practice.

Mayor Duterte made mention of ordinary Filipinos who are forced to borrow money from the loan sharks in order to make a living. To make ends meet, the small businessman is forced to pass on the cost to the consumers to make a profit and feed his family.

To address the issue, Mayor Duterte hopes that all government-owned banks and government financing institutions like Landbank could find a way to lend money to the poor so that they would not resort to borrowing from loan sharks who charged exorbitant interest rates. In the end, the consumers are the winners under a Duterte Presidency.

In addition, Mayor Duterte wants to revive ‘FOOD TERMINALS’ just like the Marcos era where goods are brought and people could have an alternative to the supermarkets and buy their food at a lower price.

He said, if the government can remove the hindrances and obstacles in transporting goods and building an efficient road network, the prices could go down by 20-50%. He said this is the real trickle down economics.


Mayor Duterte responded that to do this, the government must promote the value of education. All government resources in every region are geared to educating the children. Duterte emphasizes the need to instill values, discipline among others as the foundation in the education of the children. He said, he succeeded in Davao City and he can replicate this in other parts of the country with the help of the people.

You may watch the video now.

DUTERTE: Philippine Star Interview (UNCUT Version)

DUTERTE PLATFORM and VISION: Philippine Star Interview (UNCUT version they don't want you to see)Philippine Star deleted this video 1 hour after it went viral and by miracle naiwan pala sa phone ko yung buong video. Noong nalaman ko na inalis yung 12 mins video I recorded it immediately for Filipino People to see. Dito makikita how genuine, sincere and passionate Duterte on changing Philippines. Kung bibigyan lang ng chance we will be a Great Nation again. Siya na talaga ang Divine Leader ng Pilipinas.Romans 13:1-313 Let every person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God [by His permission, His sanction], and those that exist do so by God’s appointment.2 Therefore he who resists and sets himself up against the authorities resists what God has appointed and arranged [in divine order]. And those who resist will bring down judgment upon themselves [receiving the penalty due them].3 For civil authorities are not a terror to [people of] good conduct, but to [those of] bad behavior. Would you have no dread of him who is in authority? Then do what is right and you will receive his approval and commendation.Bakit ba ito denelete? Kasi eto yung video interview na ikakapanalo ni Rodrigo Duterte sa halalan next year.PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS! <3#Duterte2016#DuterteTapangAtMalasakit

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