The President is strictly implementing the law, regardless of your status. — Netizen’s response to critics calling PRRD names like “power tripper” & “dictator”

Facebook blogger Noel Landero Sarifa defended President Duterte from getting different labels among netizens like “selfish”, “dictator” and “power tripper” for refusing to give an extension of ABS-CBN’s franchise because his ads wasn’t aired.

“Marami nagsasabi selfish, diktador, power tripper ang pangulo ng dahil lang sa ads na hindi pinayagan i-air kaya hindi nya papayagan ang franchise renewal.”

Sarifa remarked that if we don’t carefully analyze it, it appears that President Duterte’s actions towards ABS-CBN is personal but actually there was a serious reason for that. “Kung di natin bubusisihin, President Duterte‚Äôs actions toward ABS-CBN ay parang personal, pero may mabigat na reason kung bakit.”

Sarifa cited the Constitution which states that broadcast facility like ABS-CBN should give equal and fair air time to all candidates running for public office through political ads, especially those running for President. “Constitution na nagsasabi na ang broadcast facility tulad ng ABS-CBN ay dapat pantay-pantay ang ibibigay na airtime sa mga candidates for public office to campaign through political advertisements, lalong lalo na sa pinakamataas na posisyon ng bansa.”

However, ABS-CBN made the fatal mistake of not airing then Davao City Mayor and now President Duterte political ads., which is a violation of the Constitution. “ABS-CBN refused to air his political campaign advertisements during the May 2016 elections, then that refusal ay isang malaking paglabag sa Constitution. It is valid, and not a petty issue.”

Sarifa remarked that a review of a franchise renewal is neither bullying nor dictatorship. ABS-CBN violated the Constitution by not giving a Presidentiable a fair treatment, which was a clear case of bullying. This is in addition to the allegations made by the SolGen in the Quo Warranto case filed before the SC. “Review of franchise renewal, is not bullying nor dictatorship, ang paglabag ng ABS-CBN na hindi pagbigay ng pantay-pantay na trato sa mga kandidato ay pagsalaula ng demokrasya ng ating bansa at isang malinaw na halimbawa ng bullying. We are talking about a presidentiable ladies and gentlemen, ang pinakamataas na position sa ating bansa, this is sacred and with utmost importance. Dagdag pa ang mga allegation ng Solgen, na mabibigat na paglabag din sa ating constitution. Hindi dahil avid fans tayo e babalewalain na lang natin ang mga paglapastangan sa ating batas. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. If they can prove their innocence, then the franchise should be renewed but if all allegations are proven to be truthful, they need to pay the consequence.”

Sarifa said that the President deserves to be commended for strictly implementing the law, regardless of status in society. For that, we should be thankful. If you are true Kapamilya, support the good deeds but don’t tolerate what is illegal. “He is not a power tripper,nor a dictator, the President is a person who strictly implement the law, no matter who you are in the society. We should be thankful for that, kasi walang mahirap at mayaman dapat sa batas. Di ba yan ang gusto natin? Maiayos ang bulok na sistema ng ating bansa. Ito nga at inaayos na pero kumakampi ka sa mali. Kung tunay kang kapamilya, susuportahan mo ang magandang gawi pero wag mong itolerate ang labag sa batas.”

Sarifa defended the Duterte admin’s action versus the leading critics of the President or the revelation of the narco-list, saying everything were according to the ambit of the law.

When De Lima was arrested, there is probable cause.
When Sereno was impeached it went through legal process.
When Duterte divulges the narco-list to the public it is a call of duty.
When there are people killed in Tokhang he did not order to kill them for no reason, he ordered to kill them if it endangers the life of his soldiers, it is not murder.

Trillanes order of arrest was not rushed it went through the legal process.
Maria Ressa’s arrest went through the legal process it was not a suppression of the freedom of the press, because even with the arrest, oppositions were free to say whatever they want against the President, Maria Ressa was allowed to say whatever she wants.

Sarifa also defended the action of the President with regards to the water concessionaires. “When he call out the water concessionaires, there is an onerous contract that milked the public with their hard-earned money.

Sarifa wrapped up his post saying that President Duterte was a lawyer and fiscal so he knows what he is doing with regards to the law. He praised him as a good guy it is just your hatred, false ideology. self-interest blinded you. “President Duterte was a lawyer and a fiscal, alam nya kung ang ginagawa nya ay lumalabag sa batas o hindi. He knows the law like the back of his hand. That’s why UN tribunal can’t stop him, CHR can’t silence him, opposition cannot oust him, cause when you look at it clearly when you are not blinded by false ideology, self-interest, and money you will see that President Duterte is the good guy, he will always triumph because you can never put a good man down.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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