The Senator Grace Poe’s interview with ANC’s Karen Davila that made Jay Sonza exclaimed: “Nahuhuli ang isda sa bibig!” Read why!

Did Sen. Grace Poe’s just dig her political grave by admitting her family’s business interest with ABS-CBN, she decided not to inhibit herself from the senate hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise despite allegation of conflict of interest?

Well, it is for the experts or the public to decide in the election to decide but in my personal opinion, she is done and can now forget her presidential ambition in 2022 and beyond.

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza made the remark after watching the interview, “Nahuhuli ang isda sa bibig!”

Let me share the transcript I took of the Karen Davila interview with Senator Grace Poe, just in case, ANC, once again decides to delete the online.

Karen Davila: Senator, critics have said and asked, was it right for you to hold hearings given your business relationship with ABS-CBN…and just to be transparent. This is what that criticism means.

  1. Clearly your family receives royalties from the FPJ Films that air on ABS-CBN. And the fact FPJ Films, your father’s airs on ABS-CBN, merits some kind business relationship and a contractual relationship.
  2. 2. Your mother, is esteemed actress Susan Roces is a talent (Poe interrupted Karen to add that she’s Lola Flora in Ang Probinsyano) and Lola Flora also on ABS-CBN.

How do you address the perceived bias? Why did it have to be Senator Grace Poe to initiate this? Was she clearly in conflict of interests with ABS-CBN?

Senator Grace Poe: No. First of all, I really decided not to inhibit myself to make a stand on the matter.

  1. I am the chairman on the committee of public services.
  2. 2. It’s no secret the relationship of my family with ASB-CBN, the business relationship.
  3. 3. I’m only one of 24 senators. Whatever I say, even I am for it or against it, if the majority will not side with my opinion, it will not prevail. And then you know, how do you determine if there is fairness in a proceeding, particularly with the chairman. The chairman of the hearing would allow everyone to speak. We were the ones, I, in particular, made sure that the FICAP (cable group) the ones who are against the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise were invited. The cable group led by a certain Tamano, let everyone to speak, including members of the labor group of ABS-CBN, I didn’t call them, Senator Angara I think did ask. You know we didn’t vet this people.  You could say what you want to say.

So how is the chairman perceived as conducting the hearing? Did I not allow anyone to speak?

I allowed Senator bato to speak as long as he wanted. And I knew from the start, that he was tentative about it. He was apprehensive about giving ABS-CBN its franchise.

Senator Bong Go, you never know. But if you ask all of my colleagues, I kept repeating. I am going to have my hearing this time, I hope you can attend. So where is the bias there?

Your comment?

Source: Twitter|ANC

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