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The Shaman of Kidapawan argues why Bongbong Marcos is Sara Duterte’s ideal VP tandem in 2022 polls

A certain netizen who goes by the nom de guerre Shaman of Kidapawan believes that Bongbong Marcos is the ideal VP tandem of Inday Sara should she run for President in 2022 election.

The Shaman of Kidapawan asserted that Inday Sara’s political weakness is that she is not as tough as Digong when it comes to criminals.

Inday has only one political weakness, one that most people in Davao know: she is not as tough on crime as her father. Spun properly, that could look like weakness.

The Shaman said Digong is aware of this perception that is why he likes to talk about Inday Sara punching a sheriff to negate this perception.

Digong knows this, which is why he is using the Sheriff Punching as an asset.

That is why the Shaman of Kidapawan argued that Inday Sara needs to address this weakness that her opponents for the president will like to exploit by choosing her VP whose forte is associated with toughness.

But to properly fill that gap, Inday needs to be strategic with her Vice President. It is her to her interest to choose a running mate someone associated with law enforcement and toughness.

The Shaman said Lacson would have been a perfect choice but that is now moot and academic after announcing his presidential bid.

And in that respect, Ping Lacson blew a huge chance by declaring his bid to run against her.

The Shaman mentioned 2 more names who are possible tandem of Inday Sara.

Other good candidates include Bato and Bongbong.

But it appears Bato isn’t interested so Bongbong is the logical choice.

Bato has shown no interest, but Bongbong looks poised for the role.

The Shaman wrapped up the FB post why Bongbong Marcos is the perfect tandem of Inday Sara in the 2022 election.

Bongbong would ironically be using the ‘Marcos Diktador’ smear campaign to his advantage. It would also be ideal for him to run for VP again as ‘vindication’ for having been cheated last election (although that’s a gamble, but he would win against Sotto, the only clear contender so far). On a more personal note, he’d be the first Marcos Vice President.


Source: Shaman of Kidapawan

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