There are a lot of reasons why Bong Go is not a popular pick for President — Social Media Influencer & author from Get Real Philippines

Ilda Ignacio, social media influencer, political analyst and author from Get Real Philippines has shared her two cent worth regarding Duterte-endorsed presidential bet Senator Bong Go.

Basically, Ignacio cited a couple of reasons why Bong Go isn’t a popular choice as a PRRD’s successor.

There are a lot of reasons why Bong Go is not a popular pick for President. The obvious one is he was unknown to the public until he started hanging out with Duterte and posting selfies with the President. He became a senator but he hasn’t really proven himself as a leader. The voters are just not ready for him because he’s still new in the scene. He shouldn’t force it. He should use his own charisma to win the hearts and minds of the public instead of using the President to bully other candidates more popular than him.

Netizens who’ve read Ignacio’s FB post seems to agree part of her analysis and added some of their own insights.

One netizen wrote: Bong Go is not a leader material, his main act is only to follow the leader!

Bong Go doesn’t have what it takes. Living in a shadow of PRRD, won’t stick unless he proves he can stand alone by himself, remarked another netizen.

lahat ng government resources ngayong election ay nasa kamay ni bong go, pero may 1 bagay na importante na wala sya, KARISMA, hind iyan nabibili at namamana at lalong hindi nakukuha sa pagiyak, added another commenter.

BG still has a lot to prove. One of which is if he can standup versus the bullies in the senate where he belongs. If he really wants to protect the legacy of PRRD, then the least he could do is make sure that his colleagues will be fair in their investigations. Not to ask them to stop. But just to be fair. Then see to it that priority bills are worked on including the 2022 budget which seems to be being politicized, as expected. A president must have the capacity to get things done in his turf, chimed in another commenter.

I think this is a party move. BG is a good assistant but will never be a good leader. Sorry BG, ha… Realtalk lang ✌ wrote another netizen.

Literal na tuta ng pangulo. Senador na, nakabuntot pa rin lagi kay PRRD. Loyalty to the president is one thing, loyalty to your mandate and the people of the republic you swore to serve is another. Kung ganyan din lang naman pala ang gagawin sa senado e di sana di na lang tumakbo, another scathing remark from another commenter.

Meanwhile, some sympathizers of Bong Go defended him from the unfavorable writeup of Ignacio.

BG has been with PRRD long before. In all fairness, his few years into politics has produced great strides compared to any others in the Senate for the same period. That alone is a great merit for him. As to him hanging out with Duterte and squeezing some positive influence out of it is another thing. Looking at his accomplishments, it is deemed respectable. Suck that!!!

Si bbm nakilala dahil sa kanyang ama ganon rin si sara at si bong go dahil kay Digong at inamin nya yun. Si bong go makes a difference as a senator first timer tulad ni Digong. Daig pa ni bong go ang mga matagal ng senador sa gawa. Daig pa ni Digong na 6years lang sa mga gawa si FEM na 20years in power. Ito ang msg ng isang OFW ng HongKong:hindi ipahamak ni Pangulong Duterte ang bansa lalo na ang mamamayan kaya si Bong Go ang gusto niyang ipalit sa kanya malaki ang tiwala niya sa kakayahan ni Bong Go anak sana niya ang gusto nating lahat at yan din ang gusto nang Pangulo pero mas pinili nang anak ang kaibigan kay sa ama kaya wala tayong magawa kundi iboto ang pinili nang pangulo para sa ikabubuti nang bansa at sa lahat nang mamamayan God Blessyou Tatay Digong and next President Bong Go we support you ofw hongkong


Source: Ilda Ignacio

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