“They are just making themselves look silly.” —UK national on BBC, local media who published “housemaid” incident story sans verifying

A UK national has taken to Facebook expressing contempt and bewilderment towards both local and international press for publishing a story sans the benefit of verification.

In a Facebook post, a puzzled Malcolm Conlan, a UK national married to a Filipina, couldn’t help but asked why there was such an outcry re “housemaid” incident when according to Conlan Duterte household did not even employ a housemaid when the Duterte siblings grew up.

In short, the housemaid didn’t exist.

In the words of Conlan, “PRRD merely invented the story to show how hypocritical some priests can be.”

Conlan wrote he hope the media just give President Duterte a break and let him focus on his job fixing the country.

Conlan ended the post saying that, “they (international and local media) are just making themselves look silly” for believing that their constant trolling of President Duterte will have an effect at the President and the public.

You may read the full post below.

So where is this maid who President Duterte used in his example? She doesn’t exist. PRRD merely invented the story to show how hypocritical some priests can be. President Duterte is a master strategist and wouldn’t do or say anything to compromise his position.

So why had there been such an outcry when President Duterte in fact didn’t even have maids in his house whilst he was growing up. It makes you think if any of his accusers have their own pasts or crosses to bear. Nobody is perfect.

I hope that the international press and biased media would just give President Duterte a break, in order for him to concentrate on fixing the country and not have to waste precious time, defending himself against fake news.

The President must be doing something right to consistently getting high approval ratings?

Why does the international media, like the BBC, think their constant trolling of the President will actually have any effect on either the President or Filipino people? They are just making themselves look silly.

Here are some of the hard-hitting comments directed at critics from netizens.

Viven Noakes The haters will always criticise and sensationalise every tiny word that comes out of his mouth. If he sneezes during his speech, it will be a big deal too. They don’t like his humor, that’s all. But have they appreciated all the goid improvements he has done for the country, including getting rid of the rebels, drug lords, addicts? Naaaahh. They won t do that. Haters spread failure, not success. But I will always be proud of everything he’s done so far. A true person, a true leader. Well done PRRD!

Padme Snow I am sure Paula Defensor Knack bump her head on the wall with her😂😅 screaming against Duterte. How disgusting the President.? The President is very smart to catch the bad fish and to know who is loyal to him. 😊😋 Unfollow na ninyo s knack. ? Keso d bola din.

Glenn Christian Reformina Cuarez totoo yan kapag bakla ang pari at type nya ang lalakeng batang nangumpisal ay kung anu ano na tinatanong….tama lang yan na ibulgar ni PRRD para malaman ng sambayanan kung ano ang baho ng mga baklang manyak na pari…dinaan nya lang sa joke pero nangyayari yan sa totoong kumpisal! kung open ang simbahan mag criticize sa gobyerno ay dapat ganun din ang gobyerno sa religion…kung ayaw ng religion humiwalay sa state ay ganun din dapat ang gobyerno!!!ano sila santo!

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