“They’re distributing food, and with it is the poison” — The NTF-ELCAC Spokesman on organizers of community pantry

The NTF-ELCAC Spokesman Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. has spoken on the the issue of community and pantry and allegation made by its organizers that they have been red-tagged for only helping people in need.

In a Facebook post with the title “On Community Pantry” published today, 20th of April 2021, Parlade denied red-tagging the organizers of the community pantry. However, the good general defended running a routine background check of dubious organizations and individuals. He said informing people about these orgs and individuals is part of the job. The General sounds astonished that these people likes to show their links to the red ergo they identify themselves as red. Then they become defensive.

The NTF-ELCAC Spokesman cited an organization who has been doing charity works for a long time. Not just in the Philippines but in many parts of the world and yet he proclaims, they were never in trouble. The good general reveals that these people who are crying of redtagging have posters such #OUSTD30 etc., they’re agitating the people to hate the gov’t amid the pandemic. He said these people are distributing food but with it is the poison. He says this is not right.

“MGCI Free Store/ Ang Dating Daan has been doing community grocery program for a long time. They have more than 2000 stations nationwide and even abroad. They also do it in Sydney, Malaysia, Brazil but they were never in trouble. Thats because they are sincere in helping people. These groups who are complaining have posters #StopKillingFarmers and even #OUSTD30, theyre agitating people to hate their govt at this time of pandemic. Theyre distributing food, and with it is the poison. Thats not right.”

Here are some of the comments of netizens who agree with the General.

“true. if they have clean intention of helping, questioning them for (not red tagging) would not bother them at all.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid if you are not hiding anything.”

“You have the point Gen. Parlade, maraming salamat po sa Dios for recognizing MCGI charitable works! Kami po ay partners for change ng ating gobyerno. 😊

“Another desperate tactics being done by the cpp npa ndf (not all ) tignan nagsulputan n agad ung mga palakang kokak khit d pa tagulan simpleng galawan pero madaling maunawaan khit simpleng tao lng now we know the motive behind those pantry kuno pero may pailalim n agenda”


Source: Antonio Parlade

On Community Pantry We always check dubious organizations and individuals. Informing people to be carefeful about these…

Posted by Antonio Parlade on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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