Thinking Pinoy, netizens slam PhilStar writer who said Leni to spend Christmas in NY because spending holidays in Naga brings back painful memories of Jesse

According to a Philippine Star news writer, VP Leni Robredo jetted off to the United States because spending the holidays in Naga brings back too many painful memories of the late Jesse Robredo.

But “Thinking Pinoy” thinks this is BS.

Thinking Pinoy cited 3 reasons to argue his case.

First, Jesse died four years ago and Leni has already found a replacement in Congressman Bolet Banal. Please, cut the crap.

Second, a supertyphoon is about to hit Bicol in a few hours. Can Leni realistically tell Bicolanos, “Sorry I can’t be your leader today because I’m too heartbroken.”?

Third, if Naga indeed brings back too many painful memories, there’s Pili, there’s Iriga, there’s Daet, there are too many drastically cheaper alternatives to a vacation in the United States.

Meanwhile, blogger Sass Rogando Sasot asked if spending Christmas in Naga in 2016 brings painful memories of Jesse Robredo, why did Leni and her daughters spent their 2013 and 2014 Christmas in Naga?

Bongga iyong reasoning noong isang writer na nasa US daw si VP kasi kasi painful memories daw kapag sa Naga siya mag-pasko. In other words, sariwa pa ang sugat. Eh noong December 2013, nasa Naga sila. Noong, December 2014, sa puntod pa nga sila ni Jesse nag-Christmas Eve. Ache, may twitter si madame VP, makikita mo doon ang evidence.

“Ang tanong Ms Philippine Star writer, bakit ngayong naging VP na siya saka siya nag Xmas at New Year sa US?” the blogger begs for an explanation.

Moving forward  “Thinking Pinoy’s” said he has no qualms where Robredo spends her holidays, but in light of her public pronouncement’s that she is all for modesty of public servants, hence her TsinelasLeadership a PR stunt.

I personally wouldn’t have cared where she spends her holidays, but last time I checked, she’s all for modesty of public servants, hence her #TsinelasLeadership PR stunt.

A multi-state vacation (NY, NJ, PA) doesn’t come cheap. She takes a bus to and from work, but she spends hundreds of thousands (or even millions) during her days off?

What if she ditched her #OPULENT vacation and used the money for domestic plane fare so she can spend less time traveling and more time listening to her constituents?

At this juncture, “Thinking Pinoy” remarked that he wants to look at Robredo’s SALN to check if she can afford with her family. Otherwise, he wants to know who paid for it. Perhaps the “Ombudsman needs to interrogate someone after she interrogated Bato,” Thinking Pinoy said.

“Thinking Pinoy” remarked that “Leni used the widow card to win her position, and now wants to use the widow card again to justify her incapability to be vice president when it actually matters?”

Leni used the widow card to win the vice presidency, and she wants to use the widow card again to justify her incapability to be vice president when it actually matters?

No. Miss Thing, that alibi won’t fly.

Leni fears the vice presidency might be “stolen” from her, but it appears that she has too many issues that prevent her from being a real VP anyway. Right? So why the fear?

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