This, after she ran as independent after being in the liberal party for years — Netizen on Leni Robredo wanting a law banning turncoatism

In last night’s Comelec-sponsored Presidential debate, VP Leni Robredo said that politicians changing political parties weakens political party system.

In that regard, Leni Robredo wants a law banning turncoatism.

Robredo’s statement last night has been met with raised eyebrows from netizens, including Thinking Pinoy who shared the screenshot of Philstar’s quote card conveying Robredo’s statement.

On Facebook, Thinking Pinoy took a jab at Robredo for her audacity to make such statement when she left LP and run as independent after being in that for years: This, after she ran as independent after being in the liberal party for years. 😁

Here are some of the comments of netizens to Thinking Pinoy’s FB post.

Netizen #1 wrote that Leni is a woman of contradiction.

every time she speaks, her words always contradict her actions 😹

Netizen #2 found Leni very funny because she says something and does the opposite.

Funny how she has the gall to say that when she actually does the exact opposite…many times…almost all the time.

Netizen #3 commented that Leni is to blame for opening her mouth without giving much thought only to realize later her words will come back to bite her later.

That’s what happens when you just open your mouth without even thinking kc you become the victim of your own words later on…in her case happened so often….you may change color but the people your with now stays the same and luckily majority now knows who and what you are and what you stand for….yourself!!!

Netizen #4 dubbed Leni as inconsistent 101.

Inconsistent 101 — from one who always thinks she is right and keeps attacking others in negative campaigning

Netizen #5 pointed out what is Leni’s problem.

She can’t hear what she’s saying, she even doesn’t understand 🤣

Netizen #6 summed up Leni in one sentence.

She has mastered the art of contradicting herself.😏😏😏


Source: Thinking Pinoy

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