This Cebuano netizen claims he is pro-BBM but would have been a Leni Robredo convert had she did this for Cebu before Christmas and New Year

If Leni Robredo did more than just assess and help re-energized Cebu island before Christmas and New Year, she would have convinced this Marcos supporter to vote for her and ditched Marcos.

Well, that is the claim of a Cebuano named JR Santillan in a FB post.

Santillan confessed he is set to vote for BBM but was ready to ditch him had Leni Robredo brought back power to the Island of Cebu before Christmas and New Year. However, Robredo appeared to have lost the opportunity to convert one vote into her favor because did little and did not even made a follow through, according to the Cebuano netizen.

Not only that, Santillan found it even more frustrating that Robredo’s camp spins in a way that she is doing more than her rivals, even the administration in terms of helping the Cebuanos.

Santillan remarked that he could have received some of Robredo’s relief goods if indeed she has done a lot for Cebu but even one grain of rice did not reach his hand.

Santillan took a swipe at Robredo whom he said can spend millions in ads but had no money for relief goods and have to rely for donations to give to the typhoon victims.

You may now read JR Santillan’s original FB post below.

Nag assessment siya dito sa Cebu after Odette then nag FB live but wala siya follow through… if she brought power back to the entire island before xmas and new year i would have ditched BBM.

Addendum: i know its campaigning but what frustrates me is that her team spins it in a way that she is doing more than anyone else even the administration. If she doing a lot sana i could have received some of her relief from donations eh ni isang butil ng bigas wala! She could spend millions in ads but for relief nang lilimos pa! i was open minded and was willing to be swayed to possibly vote her but i guess she is a lost cause and now determined to go early to the polls and not vote for her.


Source: JR Santillan

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