This dash cam video shows final moments before head on collision between Ford ranger pick up and Cherry Bus in Palawan

Recently, 3 people died during a head-on collision between the Ford Ranger pick-up and a Cherry Bus in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

According to netizens who’ve watched the local TV report of the incident, the bus driver even blamed the driver of the Ford Ranger pick-up and deny any wrongdoing.

Lorenzo de Felipe Jr remarks:

Sa news. Sabi ng driver lumagpas sa yellowlane ang pick up. Good thing may dashcam onboard. Nalaman na bus ung lumagpas sa lane. Thats why khit mangutang nako sa banko makabili lng ng dashcam. It will help a lot.

However, this is not the case says the friend of the Ford Ranger driver who sent the dash cam video of the incident to James Deakin.

Here’s the screen grab showing the bus crossing the yellow lane before colliding with the Ford ranger truck.

In the letter to Deakin, the friend wrote:

Hi James Deakin

I would like share with you the dashcam video of my late friend Oscar Moreno who died along with his mother Raquel Moreno and sister Elizabeth Moreno . With two injured, his daughter Anne Carol Moreno and staff April Galas. This happened last thursday dec 7 in Baranggay Salvacion along the road going to Puerto Princessa Palawan.

This video clearly shows that the Cherry Bus with plate number AWB 842 crossed the double yellow line heading to a head on collision.

What’s disgusting about this horrible accident is that the driver showed no remorse about the accident and even blamed it on Oscar Moreno.

We would like to appeal to LTFRB and LTO to suspend the operations Cherry Busline in Palawan until they have proper qualification of their drivers.

I hope there are stringent certifications and qualifications for bus drivers and drivers for large trucks for a lot is at stake whenever they are too reckless.

Thank you for your support

The incident has resurrected the clamor from the public asking the concerned government agencies to prevent this from happening in the future.

Jäy Villägänäs says:

LTO should come up with new rules on holding a ‘professional’ drivers license, they should shorten the validity to 1 year only to require those ‘professionals’ to attend the mandatory seminar for road safety AND courtesy.

Netizen Enzo Co offers a sensible suggestion:

Our government can’t do anything about this. Trucks na nawalan ng preno? Bus na nagovershoot. Cycle na yan. Would suggest speed limiters for trucks and buses. 40kph max kahit highway. Slowly but surely.

Looking for the video?

You may click the link here to watch the video from the source.

Warning: some footage may be disturbing for sensitive viewers

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