This Duterte critic deleted his Facebook post after getting flak on social media. Sorry for him, someone took a screengrab of his post

Ever heard of the ‘Think before you click campaign’ of GMA News? Well, admit it or not, we sometimes violate this rule in a fit of anger.

This is true when our emotion or passion gets the better of us.

Speaking of which, this rabid anti-Duterte is so consumed of his hatred of Duterte that he wrote something regrettable only to delete it perhaps when alerted that it was getting more attention that he could handle.

Pay attention to the hashtag he used in the post. #cursedleadership? Is this not a swipe at President Duterte who is from Mindanao and the country’s leader?

In the post, Bob Barcebal wrote:

Sunod-sunod ang delubyo sa Mindanao…Bakit kaya? #cursed #walangblessing # cursedleadership

Now tell me, if you are decent human being and a born-again Christian like Bob, do you think it is right to gloat, to rejoice at the sufferings of a fellow human being?

Bob Barcebal wrote the controversial post following the Surigao City quake that killed 8 people the last time I checked the news.

Moving on, the Facebook page ‘Lapu-Lapu’ resurrected the post of Bob and posted a screengrab of his deleted post on its page.

Social media people did not hold back their punches by expressing their anger against Bob in the comment’s section of the thread.

“Bob Barcebal: Please do not drag your church’ and it’s reputation on your personal opinion.
Even Christ himself is still sitting in His throne of grace, and is not judging yet. He’s still a SAVIOUR!
Pag nang husga ka, daig mo pa si Hesus! #NoToJudgementalism #NoToSelfRighteousness,” Fe Cabalquinto chided Bob.

“Grabe ka bro…iapply mo sa arawaraw mo na gawain ang natututunan mo sa Victory…baka makarma ka and CURSE be with u…bopols…Ano ka? Bulaang propeta? Para makapagsalita ka ng ganyan sa nangyari sa Mindanao? Amaw gyud ni nga tawhana oi!” Mina Hernandez wrote.

“A piece of advice to you Mr. Bob… pay attention to the lectures when you go to church, it will be good for your spirituality… don’t trivialize other people’s misfortunes for God is all knowing and he sees everything… for these catastrophes are not only a test for the victims but it is also a test to other people’s character, I think sympathy and a helping hand will gain you more favors from God than condemning, for in Gods eyes we are all sinners who’s praying for his forgiveness and blessings…” Fahmiah Kanakan told Bob.

“Who we are to say it is cursed or blessed, I’m a Christian but will never look at it as that lalo na may kulay ang pahayag mo, a true Christian will base it on God’s word not on how they look at it politically, is Bicol too cursed because of the VP? I will not say that but will have to pray an not to judge it by what political color we are in red, yellow or whatsoever… Hope this brother in Christ look at it as God look at it not with fleshly perception,” Rowell Alcon admonished Bob.

What can you say about Bob’s post?

Source: Lapu-Lapu


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